In yesterday’s article, I noted how the impending financial catastrophe correlated with the tremendous increase in massive military movements and even martial law drills across the USA. In the story, I provided three of seven examples that had been sent to me. Within five hours of publication, I received another three examples. In dealing with a crisis there are two levels of awareness. There is the intellectual acknowledgement that an event is transpiring. Then there is the breakdown of the last line of defense of cognitive dissonance, the emotional acceptance of how bad things are going to get. Yesterday, I fully crossed that last barrier.

When I write a story, I let my sources and the printed evidence write the story, I simply follow the data and then connect the dots when enough evidence is on the table.

Intellectually, I have known for four years that America was on an irreversible path towards self-destruction. I have had frequent bouts of hope that we could either slow down the demise or even turn it around, but I have crossed the Rubicon. America is sinking ship and all most of us are doing is rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. It is an emotionally devastating event to realize that everything that you have accomplished could be gone in a few short months and there is nothing that one can do stop it. It is even more devastating to realize that our children’s generation may have little to no future and they will likely be living in an occupied nation, governed by foreign troops, under controlled civilian government (e.g. French Vichy traitors) and every thought and action attributed to them will be scrutinized by the latest in technology surveillance and their lives will always be hanging in the balance. The 1980 song by the group known as the Police contains lyrics which state “Every move you make, every breath you take, I’ll be watching you”. We have left our kids a helluva future haven’t we?

Why the Fear Porn, Hodges?

Recently, a lady wrote to me and said I should stop the fear porn and strop trying to scare everyone. She said I should be listening to so-called Christian prophets who proclaim massive death and destruction for America. The point being is that most people are scared to death, but they only want to see their version of Amerageddon, which by the way is the name of a new movie coming out in May.

My answer to this conflicted woman lies in the following proclamation by so-called experts.

  1. In yesterdays article, I quoted Peter Schiff who said that was all going to fall apart for the American economy by May 28, 2016.
  2. The undeniable economic numbers are as follows: $21 trillion dollar deficit, $200 trillion dollar credit card debt, $240 trillion dollar unfunded mandated liabilities (e.g. Medicare) and of course the $1.5 quadrillion credit swap derivatives debt.
  3. From Larry Nichols, in a recent interview, who is a former Clinton insider as reported byLisa Haven:

“When the government goes to a Negative Interest Standard, that means the banks are going to charge you a fee to keep your money.  The bank will not pay you any interest on your money, and you will have to pay the bank.

The money that you earn on savings and 401K will be charged the fee.

Then comes when they Repatriate the money.  The government takes out money out of the bank, and pays the national Debt.”

As I reported earlier this week, several sources contacted me, two of them that I consider to be highly reliable, who said that anyone who owes the government or selected corporations money will be given a chance to repay the debt. Failure to do so, will result in one being incarcerated into a slave labor camp. I pointed out in this article that this highly corresponded to Executive Order 13603 in which Obama classified a segment of the working population as “consultants” who will work for free in whatever area they are needed. Subsequently, we are talking about the breaking up the American family. Any sociologist will tell you that the family is the sole building block for society. If you destroy the family, you have destroyed the country.

Larry Nichols went on to say in the interview, the following:

“When the government goes to a Negative Interest Standard, that means the banks are going to charge you a fee to keep your money.  The bank will not pay you any interest on your money, and you will have to pay the bank.

The money that you earn on savings and 401K will be charged the fee.

Then comes when they Repatriate the money.  The government takes out money out of the bank, and pays the national Debt.

HOST:  …so your saying the federal government is going to seize our bank accounts, 401K accounts, IRAs, pensions, and things like that?

LARRY:  If people don’t believe they will do it, tell them to ask Greece what happened to it.  When a country gets into trouble and cannot meet its Debt Service, then the government has the power to do what it must do to fulfil its obligations… 

I am NOT giving anybody financial advice… I am telling you this is what is happening and what is coming.  This is why the big whigs are having all of these meetings.”

Speaking of the meetings, many of us in the Independent Media were a little confused as to why Yellen would lower herself to meet with Obama. The Federal Reserve has effectively run the United States since 1913. When one turns the question around and ask it this way, “what does Obama have that the Federal Reserve is going to need”? The answer becomes more clear. Obama is the Commander-In-Chief of the military. And why would the Federal Reserve need the military? Isn’t the answer obvious by now? America will not only be going under martial law lock down, Continuity of Government policies will go into effect as well. The cities with the greatest civil disobedience will be locked down and isolated from the rest of the country. Martial law troops will not protect Americans; they are going to cut off all avenues of escape. This is one of the reasons that Eisenhower created the interstate highway system in order to isolate pockets of rebellion. Why do you think the ex-intel and the alphabet soup boys have been going into hiding? Why are the criminal elite’ minions, the bankers, building underground hideaways? They are simply doing what criminal elite at the top of the pyramid are doing, only the aforementioned groups have not been invited to the escape pod party. Perhaps today’s modern minions should have paid attention to the fate of Hitler’s Brown Shirts because the majority of these useful idiots are going to suffer along with the rest of us.

In the same interview, Larry Nichols went on to say the following:

“I am telling everybody that I know…when this goes down, you are going to see American like you have never seen it before.  It is going primal….starving…

I can see such a collapse that I can imagine whole communities begging the federal level with Obama to bring in Martial Law.  When we see people getting shot all around you…you will beg for protection.

HOST:  That is what they want:  CHAOS. … The economic collapse is going to bring chaos.  That is the sad thing.  There is our freedom just handed to them.

Here is the thing:  They CAUSED the problem, then they offered a SOLUTION…..They screwed us.

LARRY:  Yes, and they did it RIGHT IN FRONT OF US.

They are making us look at the stupid election, and not at what we should be looking.

It is not going to matter that much to me, but it will to my grandchildren and my daughter.  That is what this is about.  That is where the blood will be shed.”

  1. Greg Hunter’s, conducted an interview about the Federal Reserve meetings at the White House, the launching of new gold trading market at the Shanghai Gold and Hunter asked for Ron Kirby’s response. This is what he was told.
  2. “Does that mean dollar devaluation and a bank “holiday” coming soon? Kirby says, “How quickly this happens is open for conjecture, but that is clearly the direction we are heading.  We are unmistakably headed in that direction.  The only real question is how long these criminal central bankers can MacGyver the system together and keep it together with elastic bands, paperclips and bungie cords.  This is going down.  This is going to happen. I think it’s going down in the next two or three weeks. . . .We’ve all speculated that this would eventually happen.  Now we are here, and the clock is about to strike midnight.”

This is stark naked fear porn. Unfortunately, it is all true. Rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic is not going to change the outcome. What is left to be decided is how each us will respond when we hit the water.

Are you ready?

Written by Dave Hodges

The Common Sense Show

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