Image from FEMA National Preparedness System document 
Image from FEMA National Preparedness System document 

A mystery has veiled events over the past several years.  The audacious Bundy Ranch invasion; the secret Jade Helm Special Military Operation; the horrifying imprisonments and execution by federal public servants in Burns, Oregon; and the odd protocol following the death of Justice Scalia.  These peculiar actions have inserted into our collective DNA a haunting question, “What is happening to our country?”

I/I FFOG of War

(Intelligence and Investigation Function Field Operation Guide)

The Fog of War has been lifted to reveal a gruesome Naziesque landscape.  FEMA is executing a new Intelligence and Investigative Function known as l/l  furthering its death grip on American soil.  The new I/I will be seamlessly activated every time a federal agency or federal dollars are granted, even for common gatherings like parades, concerts and sporting events.  It is very provocative indeed that a disaster agency is granting itself fresh sweeping intelligence and investigative powers over all Americans and their daily activities.

The I/I is tasked to accomplish preserving potential evidence at crime scenes such as collection, documentation, and securing, establishing chain of custody, comprehensive investigations, apprehension and prosecution of Americans.  It will also serve as a conduit for situational awareness, or boots on the ground, even within your own city.

FEMA Law Enforcement

Historically I/I is primarily the responsibility of “traditional” law enforcement departments.  Originally, FEMA’s power was limited by Presidential Policy Directive-8 (PPD-8) to disaster in the areas of:  Prevention, Protection, Mitigation, Response, and Recovery.

FEMA carries out its mission by using an organizational hierarchy known as National Incident Management System (NIMS) which is the DNA within its membranes holding secrets of its doctrine, concepts, principles, terminology, and organizational processes enabling it to be an effective, efficient, and collaborative task-master over our lives.

FEMA found it necessary to conquer all disciplines and control all levels of government so that it could conduct “Nontraditional” forms of intelligence & investigations (I/I) activities.  These might include:

    • Investigations Operations
    • Intelligence Operations
    • Forensics-including management by examiner/coroner on matters related to the examination, recovery, and movement of decedents
    • Missing Persons and the establishment of “Family Assistance Centers”
    • Epidemiology
    • Mass Fatality Management including activation of Disaster Mortuary Operational Response Teams and through the “appropriate authorityexpeditiously issue a death certificate”.
    • Fire, explosion, or arson cause and origin (regardless of likelihood of criminal activity)
    • Real-time research and analysis intended to protect against, respond, and/or recover from a specific incident
    • Transportation- Including accidents, checkpoints, roadblocks, traffic control, controlling access points

Due to the fact that I/I is flexible and scalable; it is no respecter of incident, event, emergency, regardless of cause, size, location, or complexity unconventional services will begin using I/I after its adoption following the end of the Stakeholder Comment Period on May 9, 2016.  This includes your local fire departments, county public health, coroner’s, National Transportation Safety Board, and even the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

FEMA’s Operations Section will use forceful tactical I/I to conduct the following actions:

Warrant Executions


Searches Seizures

Physical surveillance

Electronic surveillance


Directed enforcement operations

Undercover officer operationsIdentification activities

Epidemiological surveillance

Involve the respective legal authorities (e.g., prosecutors’ office, magistrates, and courts of jurisdiction) as required

Guilty Until Proven Innocent, except under NDAA

All intelligence is for the express purposes of developing a crime scene just as one would script a crime movie.  Intelligence gathered within the I/I is for with the intent of gathering information that either leads to the detection, prevention, apprehension, and prosecution of criminal activities, or the individuals involved, including terrorist incidents or information that leads to determination of the cause of a given incident (regardless of the source), such as public health events or fires with unknown origins.

FBI is the Lead

Federal agencies operating in a “NIMS” compliant status and managing an I/I Function pursuant to Federal law, Federal regulations, and Presidential Directives and Executive Orders including the US Attorney General will generally be acting under the FBI who will in most instances be the lead agency to coordinate all other activities.  So why then is FEMA’s authority being increased?

Sanitized Information

FEMA has a component that will provide critical information analysis, sanitize classified or sensitive information, and distributes it nationally.  They will also secure uniform talking points on the information that they do release to the public.

FEMA Terror

As you view the following tables, keep in mind that we are talking about the power of one disaster agency, FEMA, to execute all these functions.  Ponder on what will happen when all federal agencies are using I/I as well as your state, county, and local entities?  FEMA’s Investigative Operations Group uses techniques and tactics including, but not limited to:

Non technical Canvass

Technical Canvasses



Prisoner debriefings

Identification procedures

Searches and seizuresDatabase/Record queries

Electronic communication (e.g., telephone, computer) investigative records acquisition and analysis

Physical surveillance

Electronic surveillance

Acquisition and analysis of records and other evidence

Polygraph examinations

Undercover officer and confidential informant operations

Activation and use of tiplines, hotlines, and/or call centers

Dissemination of alarms, “Be on the Lookout” messages, alerts,warnings, and notices

Obtaining and securing of sources of investigatory data, such as flight data recorders, cockpit voice recorders, vehicle electronic data recorders, radar data, and 9-1-1 tapes.

Canvassing 101

A traditional nontechnical canvass is one searching for persons and vehicles to identify witnesses, sources of information, evidence, intelligence, leads, etc. Nontechnical canvasses may involve residential and commercial buildings, schools, recreational sites, mass transit facilities, crime scenes, and investigative scenes.

A technical canvass is through electronic devices to identify witnesses, sources of information, evidence, intelligence, leads, etc.

Involve electronic image capture devices

Still, video, closed-circuit television

Electronic audio capture devices

Banking transaction devices (e.g., automated teller machine)

Electronic, electronic financial transaction devices (e.g., credit card, debit card, social services card, stored value card)

Electronic travel transaction devices (e.g., subway card, E-ZPass, airline ticket, railroad ticket)

Electronic access/egress control devices (proximity card reader,)

Cell sitesPay phonesInternet cafes

Biometric card reader

Identification card reader

Brazen Admission

Embedded within the NIMS I/I FFOG document is a brazen admission, one long suspected, that the U.S. Intelligence Community functions as a single corporate enterprise, and is no longer a Republic government of the people.  Its mission is to support those who manage the Nation’s strategic interests—political, economic, and military, not average American citizens. This U.S. Intelligence Community comprises:

Air Force Intelligence Army Intelligence Central Intelligence AgencyCoast Guard Intelligence Defense Intelligence AgencyDepartment of Energy Department of Homeland SecurityDepartment of State Department of the TreasuryDrug Enforcement AdministrationFederal Bureau of Investigation Marine Corps Intelligence  National Geospatial Geospatial-Intelligence AgencyNational Reconnaissance Office National Security Agency Navy Intelligence Office of the Director of National Intelligence

Good News in a Disturbing Sea

As you can attest, there is not much good news contained within these documents but there is one positive note. A vast amount of raw information will be collected and analyzed.  Most will be exempt from public disclosure decreed by a hierarchy of individuals in the organizations tasked with keeping documentation out of the hands of the public.  That said, for the record, each potential or real incident will document the rank/title, name, command/unit, agency, tax/employee identification number, etc., of each person who enters a crime scene and/or touches, searches, disturbs, moves, decedents and so forth.  This information, if it is labeled critical to national security, can be obtained through a Public Disclosure or FOIA request.  If one intends to engage in this type of request a very strict and particular set of rules and time tables need to be followed for success.

The fog has been lifted and we are now seeing the implementation of what some might call martial law. There is much more unfolding through these documents but it would be beyond the scope of this article to review all the changes that forthcoming.  In a nutshell, what you see is the codification of actions that already have been taking place but the American people were unaware.  This same post-crime codification occurred for the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).

For a country who has forsaken God we cannot expect much except judgment for our sins but for individual’s who have not forsaken God, may He be our help, protection, and shelter in these days of coming trouble.  Let us join in faithful prayer for those who are being persecuted because our day is coming.


Warning these documents are not for the faint of heart.  They might bore you to sleep or they may act as a potent stimulant.

National Preparedness System

NIMS Intelligence/Investigation Function Guidance and Field Operations Guide

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