CONCORD, N.H. – A high school counselor who lost her job after helping a 15-year-old student secretly abort her unborn child without telling her parents should be reinstated at her job, the New Hampshire Supreme Court ruled on Thursday.

In November 2012, a 15-year-old Farmington High School student—referred to as “Student A” in court documents—approached Demetria McKaig, who was a school counselor at the time. The student, along with her boyfriend, explained that she was pregnant and wanted to abort her unborn child without telling her parents, saying they were “afraid for their safety” should the girl’s parents find out.

McKaig and another school counselor met with the school principal to discuss the situation. The principal said the student should inform her parents about the pregnancy, in accordance with New Hampshire’s Parental Notification Law, which requires pregnant girls under 18 years old to inform their parents before obtaining abortions.

Written by Garrett Haley

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