OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. — The Oklahoma Supreme Court has struck down a petition to place on the state ballot a proposal to ban abortion in the state, as it claimed that the concept is unconstitutional.

Proposed Question 782, Initiative 406 would have amended the Oklahoma Constitution to include abortion as murder, and would criminalize those who take the life of an unborn child. It had been filed by Russell Hunter of the Abolitionist Society of Norman.

In addition to surgical and medical abortions, the initiative would “prohibit contraception that causes the death of an unborn human being.” It would also ban “the deliberate destruction of unborn human beings created in a laboratory.” It would not, however, general ban birth control or in-vitro fertilization.

Secular groups predicted following the filing that the proposal would not be permitted by the state Supreme Court.

Written by Heather Clark

Full report at Christian News

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