Blairesville, Ga- We live in a day where lawlessness isn’t reported besides a few headliners the media decides to use for its Government run agendas but many go unheard of. That’s the case with this story out of Georgia where a man is arrested for demanding to see a search warrant which didn’t go over well with the UCSO swat squad.

Suddenly, UCSO swat squad showed up in full gear.  Six of them.  It was like something out of a scary movie as she watched them arrive on the property. Earl’s wife told him that police were in the driveway.   

He went out in bathrobe and slippers asking for a warrant.  They wouldn’t show him one, and never said what they were there for. Finally they were told that Earl’s daughter was suspected of selling drugs (meth) out of an RV that had been in his driveway (he and his wife had no idea) regarding whether this was true or not with no information to go on.

Earl continued to demand to see a warrant so they basically “contained” him by kneeing him three times in the head.  He was then arrested and charged with obstruction (felony and misdemeanor) of an officer. They had charged him with assault but dropped that as Earl was the only one assaulted.  

The trial took four days and resulted in a guilty verdict on misdemeanor because he didn’t obey the officer’s commands to stay back/go in the house.  All he wanted was to see the warrant.  The felony charge resulted in a hung jury.  The cops were trying to say that Earl, a little old guy in bathrobe, was like a kung fu ninja who hit the officer by running into him and knocking his hands away.

Earl and his wife are concerned about the conditions of his probation for the misdemeanor.  The terms of his probation include no firearms and waiver of fourth amendment rights.  They will be subject to unannounced search/seizure at any time of the day or night.

One of Earl’s sentence requirements was that he is supposed to take an anger management class.  He went today, got evaluated, and the counselor concluded that Earl did not have an anger issue, but rather a righteous patriot anger issue.  The counselor agreed with Earl, and his report concluded that an anger management class was not necessary at this time.

Sadly this didn’t have to happen the way. Earl simply asked to see documentaion they were required to show him and it cost him. It cost him time, money, a record and for the moment the loss of his 2nd Amendment rights. 

Freedom isn’t free, it comes with a cost and it’s time we all start supporting one another especially when the persecution comes. There’s a war going on against those who support Freedom, the Constitution, the 2nd Amendment and the list keeps on growing. It’s time we all do our part in this battle and hold people accountable. 

Christian Patriots Radio welcomed Karyn Hardiman on the show to discuss the recent situation dealing with Earl Conlon and here’s the link to the show Christian Patriots Radio with Guest Karyn Hardiman

Earl and his family have set up an account for those who can help them in this time of need. Legal fees to protect your rights aren’t cheep and this will be a long road. You can help Earl and his family here at Go Fund Me 

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4 thoughts on “Georgia Man Arrested for Asking to See a Warrant”
      1. Thanks alot Andre! we appreciate you reaching out to us. unfortunately everything happened so fast Earl wasn’t able to film anything. once again, thanks for reaching out to us and having a willing spirit to help people out.

  1. May I ask who these cops were… A good portion of them are very corrupt… I grew up in this town and always hit record as soon as you see blue lights this I know… I was pulled over after my husband had to go through stuff and was serving weekends I had just took him that Friday and was almost to the stateline when I was pulled over I had a 19 month old who has seizures and a baby I had just had three weeks prior who was over two months premiere my own cousin tried to keep these kids from me and contain us all I looked at him and stated you come to family events I know where you live and just because my husband was pulled over in my van didn’t justify you pulling me over what did I do wrong they never could tell me but searched the vehicle… They dented my van and tore my vehicle up to find nothing but me and my two babies and a suitcase packed with our clothes and two diaper bags they didn’t find anything at all… I sat there in the beginning of December with these two babies in which both had just got out of the hospital a couple days prior… They had to let me go I recorded everything and took it to my aunt who is a lawyer and she advised what to do since this day I have gotten knowledge about the law and even though my family works for this sheriffs office some of them are bad news and works with the task force while I have some who are Sargent’s and very good at there job and do it right just wondered who these cops was and maybe can give private information on them please feel free to message me on facebook thank you and may god lift you up and help you all through this I am very sorry we have been through this way to much and moved out of this state and haven’t been bothered in the other two states we live in

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