Here we go again… Americans being ticketed and fined for illegaly parking. What makes this story worse, is the fact that this vehicle broke down. The lack of compassion for the people who pay taxes to employ these people, just goes to show where their allegiance truly lies and it’s with the state. 

Vehicle's Exhaust Came Apart
Vehicle’s Exhaust Came Apart
Muffler system that fell of the vehicle 
Muffler system that fell of the vehicle 

Law Enforcement in Batavia, New York, ticketed this vehicle for parking on the side of the road over night. In the video you can clearly see that the truck has lost its muffler and the remaining exhaust is hanging down. This is another situation where hard working Americans are being ticketed for nonsense, all a part of the revenue generating system. This is shameful, to say the least. This is what happens when good people don’t stand up and get involved. 

Lets face it, this person is already looking at several hundred dollars in repair work and will soon return to find out he now has a fine to pay. 

Welcome to the land of the regulated, over taxed and theft brought to you by our government. 

Daniel Crane

Christian Patriots

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