Do you ever find yourself saying “Where are You God!? ”  God has gone to great extent to Show Us where He wants to be!  He wants to fill the Void in your life that you are consumed with trying to put other things in it’s place.  God has placed a “RESERVED ONLY” space in your heart that NOTHING can else”Park” in.  Sadly, many who are so consumed in this life trying to fill that Void… Unknowingly, that what they are really attempting to do is to not have to deal with the Reality of what they DO NOT HAVE.. And that is the Presence of God in their Life….

Loneliness longs for PRESENCE….. And Fear cries out for HELP.   His PRESENCE IS EVIDENT in our Times of Help. Although, God is Spiritual and we can not Physically “See” Him or Touch Him… He desires us to have an Intimate Relationship so that we will Experience ad be AWARE of His Presence Always… No matter what we may be going through.  Jesus said in Hebrews 13:5 “I will Never Leave You… or Forsake You”.. We see He Goes Before us in Deuteronomy 31:8 “And the LORD, he it is that doth go before thee; he will be with thee, he will not fail thee, neither forsake thee: fear not, neither be dismayed.”  During times of Difficulty, Pain, Suffering or Persecution NO One but God can fill that Void that desires His Presence…

 Whether you believe or not..  Our Creator DESIGNED You to be in an Intimate Relationship so that you will Experience His Presence Always… When we are in His Presence we experience COMFORT in times of sadness… Strength and Courage in Times where we are faced with a Challenge… PEACE in the midst of Chaos and Confusion… CONFIDENCE to Walk Boldly in the Truth of the Gospel… It is the amazing AWARENESS of the Empowering Presence of God Among Us, Within Us…  It brings Emotional, Physical and Spiritual Renewal….”I Go Before You… I AM with You.. I Will NOT Forsake You… I Will Strengthen You..”

When we read Psalm 42, can you see how David’s Spirit THIRSTS for the Presence of God.?  Nobody Understands that THIRST more than our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Jesus did not just suffer a Physical Thirst… but, a very desperate SPIRITUAL THIRST…  He had to become that VOID… He had to become all the Sinful things that you and I have put in place of the SPACE in our Hearts that was reserved only for God.. The place on the Throne of our Hearts…. We FORSOOK HIM….We Sinned Against Him… We were Estranged from Him… We Divorced ourselves from Him…  So, He became what we are…. And then we see the most heart wrenching moment in the History of Mankind…  We see the Son of God CRY OUT  “My GOD!  My GOD!  Why have You Forsaken ME!”   He desperately Thirsted for the intimate relationship with His Father from times Eternal…. To Comfort.. For Peace… For Strength…For Courage… For Love…  and for the first time he experienced what EVERY SINGLE Person WILL experience if they do not give their Heart to God…  They will be Forsaken… He Died so that YOU could Draw Close and Experience the Presence of God….For ALL Eternity….

No matter how we try… No one will ever find or replace what was intentionally DESIGNED from the Beginning of All Creation… with anything from this World…Nothing…  The enemy tries to come up with many fleshly desires to fill that spot… But, the fact is…those things can never substitute for what God has INTENDED…..  THIRST!!!  Thirst for the Presence of God in your Life…  Pray for the Awareness of it!  SEEK HIS FACE… and feel the renewal of your Spirit as you experience the kind of Relationship your Heart Longs for.

Bible Notes : Psalm 42, Exodus 3, Deuteronomy 31, Hebrews 13, Joshua 1

Written by Catie Gustitus
Christian Patriots

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