A fusion center in Utah is advising law enforcement to be on the lookout for “caravans” of “extremists” traveling through the state en route to Arizona to attend the funeral of LaVoy Finicum.

“A number of individuals, several of whom were present at the Burns, OR occupation, are planning caravans from UT and NV to travel to the funeral in show of support,” a bulletin issued by the Utah Statewide Information & Analysis Center (SIAC) reports.

The bulletin advises “law enforcement should remain cognizant of the likelihood of the presence of domestic extremists travelling within their AOR [Area of Responsibility, a military acronym]. This may include both militia extremists and sovereign citizen extremists.”

The SIAC bulletin produced on February 3 mentions an unspecified number of social events related to the Finicum funeral to be held in Kanab, Utah this weekend “which could provide an environment for extremist activity.”

“The Utah SIAC is currently monitoring activities surrounding these events to assess any potential threat toward LE [Law Enforcement] or to the public safety of those in attendance. The SIAC is also in contact with fusion centers in surrounding states to facilitate information sharing regarding the upcoming events.”

SIAC believes “armed extremists” and “potentially volatile persons” may seek to initiate a confrontation with law enforcement as they pass through Utah. “These individuals may adhere to a sovereign citizen ideology, and may not recognize law enforcement as a legitimate authority.”

The bulletin provides “visual indicators” likely to be used by “disaffected individuals,” including the Gadsden flag, the III% flag, the Oath Keepers “militia” symbol, and “sovereign citizen imagery.”

SIAC admits the listed imagery and symbols “are representative of patriotic and American revolutionary themes,” but are now “associated with extremism.”

The SIAC report is similar to a previous reported issued by the Missouri Information Analysis Center (MIAC) entitled “The Modern Militia Movement” released on February 20, 2009. A copy of the report was sent to Alex Jones by an anonymous Missouri police officer.

The MIAC report connected supporters of the “militia movement” to former presidential candidates Ron Paul, Chuck Baldwin, and Bob Barr. It also cited patriotic imagery and symbols, including the Gadsden flag, the “common law” sovereign citizen flag, an upside down US flag (commonly displayed as an official signal of distress) and the First Navy Jack.

In March, 2009 Chuck Baldwin sent a letter to the Governor of Missouri, Jeremiah Nixon, protesting the Missouri Information Analysis Center’s document designating him, Paul and Barr as domestic terrorists. The letter demanded the MIAC document “be immediately removed from any and all websites associated with or maintained by the state of Missouri or any agency thereof, including the MIAC.”

After Infowars published the MIAC report and Baldwin sent his letter, Highway Patrol Superintendent James Keathley put a halt to circulating the report and Missouri Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder called on the director of the Public Safety Department to be placed on administrative leave pending an investigation of the report.

Written by Kurt Nimmo

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