God was very clear and VERY specific what the characteristics would be in the last days… He described in DETAIL what the condition of the world would be and every single person living in it… In stark contrast He is also very clear of our position in a darkening world…And how we are to relate to those in this WAR. We need to be Sensitive to Godly people…Sensitive to the Message of God’s Word…We need to be Sensitive to their Conduct… and their Deliverance…We also need to be aware of the Futility of the lives in the Ungodly…

This world has moved rapidly in a “Progressive” World…People will mark their progress Financially… or by Position in life…Working so diligently ( some ) preparing for retirement to live the “Good Life” later on… with a sense of “Security”…. But, what is the PROGRESS of people SPIRITUALLY? Are we growing brighter? Does the Light of that Progress and Growth SHINE brighter than the darkness surrounding us?

The world has become increasingly more Godless… and God gave us a clear warning of the progressive darkness that is here and will continue to grow darker…. What kind of Soldier will you be in a Failing World? ( 1 Peter)

Please examine 2 Timothy… then examine your own position. Where do you align yourself in these Last Days? 2Timothy Chapter 3

Written by Catie Gustitus

Christian Patriots

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