There is a great darkness falling over the hearts and minds of the people.. Including the church. There is a deafening silence. There is a darkness like that which fell over Eden. Like that which fell over Egypt. Like that which fell over Calvary.

The light is dimming like a sunset over the harvest and the workers are few.

We need to be desperately trying to reap as much of the harvest as soon as possible before it’s too late. Could it be that the Adversary has us distracted and divided on many many battlefields? Dividing our forces for one Mission or another? Could it be that we are in such a desperate time that maybe….. Just maybe…

It’s not just a time to STAND, but to help others RISE UP IN FAITH, so they too can get a strong foot hold planted and deeply rooted before the Flood Gates open and washes away what is left of the harvest…

Yes, the Sun is setting on the Harvest… The Storm is coming and the only sun that is going to be seen is The Son of God and for many it will be too late. Shepherds….GATHER YOUR FLOCKS… Prepare them, protect them and feed them the truth.

Catie Gustitus
Christian Patriots

9 thoughts on “There’s A Storm Coming, Gather Your Flocks And Prepare Them With The Truth”
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