Headlines regarding the police massacre of U.S. citizens they are supposed to “serve and protect” get more disgusting by the day. We don’t even know if 2015 was the deadliest year in that regard, because the feds just now got around to deciding we need a database on how many citizens are killed by police “in the line of duty”. The media outlet the Guardian claims in its tally that at least 1,138 people were killed last year by cops in America. It’s an average of at least three people a day, way more than other Western countries.

Now comes this heartbreaking story out of Pennsylvania.

Twelve-year-old Ciara Meyer was shot and killed while police were serving her father with an eviction notice.

Constable Clarke Steele fired a shot at Ciara’s father Donald Meyer which passed through the man’s arm, striking and killing the little girl. She was pronounced dead at her home.

It all happened in seconds. The story goes that Meyer answered the door to the apartment, then shut it, then opened it again armed with a rifle. He argued with Steele, then “leveled” the rifle at him according to the police version of events. Steele fired off a round at Meyer that passed completely through his left arm and into his kid, killing her. Ciara just happened to be home sick from school that day.

Mr. Meyer has been charged with aggravated assault, simple assault, reckless endangerment, and terroristic threats. Constable Steele has voluntarily suspended himself pending the completion of the investigation.

Some will say Meyer is responsible for killing his own daughter for answering the door with a gun. But the real question is, did it have to go this far in the first place?

More and more people are being driven over the edge in the American police state. Its just sad that we live in a country where people are losing their jobs and ability to support themselves and their families left and right, where home after home after home sits vacant across the countryside while people are arrested for feeding a burgeoning homeless population, and where you can get forcibly evicted by law enforcement with no recourse and have your child killed all in the same minute. And the people running things are trying to start more overseas war.

What about the one that’s being fueled right here at home?

Ciara’s mom has set up a GoFundMe accountto cover Ciara’s funeral costs.

Written by The Daily Sheeple Staff
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