When: Saturday, January 23, 2016 from 1-5 PM

Where: Your State’s Capitol Building Or Your Local Town/City Hall

This peaceful rally is being orchestrated by “We The People” of the United States of America. The time for bowing down to tyrants has come and gone. Now, we will take a stand for America and for our Constitutional rights. This stand will be a rally to show support for the Bundy’s, American Ranchers, Miners and for all oppressed people in ALL 50 states. 

‘We the People’ have been sick and tired of the Obama administration’s tyranny and we don’t care to listen to his lies or unconstitutional actions any longer. We know our rights! Organizations like the federally run BLM are going to start abiding by Constitutional law and we are going to see to that.

We stand to let the world know that America is free and free we shall forever remain. We have God given inalienable rights and we will not be bullied into submission by tryants and/or their tyranny. Let’s take back the fight for America and RESTORE this great Republic once and for all!

Bring your flags, signs and banners in support of the Oregon Ranchers and the brave Militia’s that stand alongside them in their defense and in defense of freedom from tyranny!

Please visit the Citizens for Constitutional Freedom Support Rally Facebook Page

If anyone would like to help take part or if anyone is interested in being the “Director of Events” for a given state or if you are unsure who your state’s Director is, then please leave a message with our Facebook page “No More Obaminations” and someone will respond to your message ASAP.


Daniel Crane
Christian Patriots

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