Thousands of reports have been coming in from across the country over the past several days of SNAP/EBT card payment systems not working for a large number of individuals and while ANP has been unable to confirm any kind of a system-wide failure, we see in this a sign that massive cracks are in the system wall and the only things still holding it up are the ever-present Wall Street ‘plunge protection team’ and never-ending printing of money backed by nothing.  

While we’re aware that each month there are problems with customers who collect EBT/SNAP funds as we watch Down Detector regularly, sometimes there are many more issues than others and, once again, comments left on the Down Detector thread show us what the real issue and major risk to our individual and our nation’s security is; tens of millions of Americans are completely reliant upon government assistance for their next meals. Reports of people not receiving their funds came in all across the nation, from California to Maryland to Virginia to South Carolina to Arizona to Illinois to Nevada to Iowa to Wyoming, the list of states went on. 

In fact, without EBT funds for even a few hours, we read comments from people who can’t get groceries to feed their children. Imagine what happens to an America suffering a catastrophic long term power outage or cyber attack. What happens when tens of millions of Americans, like those whose comments are seen below, are unable to get their next meals for themselves or their kids? Is that why law enforcement and the US military are wisely preparing for social unrest and economic collapse in America? Do they know what’s coming? The comments from those affected show why America is in grave danger. Much more below including a critical alert from Gregory Mannarino on today’s events in the economy.:


I always get my EBT on the 4th..still nothing here in Virginia …I have 3 other mouths to feed 2 are children’s they better figure this out.

In md. Supposed to get on the 1st. Said its a deposit made on the automated system but it’s not on the card

Ugh this is ridiculous! Im in TN supposed to get mine on the first and still nothing, we have 6 kids so this is beyond stressing me out!

Has anyone called their local offices to get answers? South Carolina has such a high call volume, they aren’t even answering the phone.

I called but the line was too busy and ended on me… I have absolutely NO money what so ever and need it for groceries



With the DOW closing the 1st trading day of 2016 down 276 points, once during the day down 467 points, we get a critical alert in the 1st video below from Gregory Mannarino who warns us to expect central bank action and oil market fakery. Mannarino tells us that with the Federal Reserve continuing their massive money-printing binge and the fact that there really are no ‘free markets’, he expects those who create the illusion that the economy is still doing great will take action to make sure the sheeple still see an economy and Wall Street looking ok. 

In a story from Mac Slavo at SHTFPlan on Sunday we learned from a financial insider that ‘very sophisticated high net worth investors’ are now buying up physical precious metals. Telling us that even members of the financial ‘elite’ such as Carl Icahn and George Soros have gotten aboard the rush to gold we have to ask, what do they know that we don’t know? You can hear the CEO of one of the world’s top producers of silver in the 2nd video below sharing his own inside secrets with Sgt Report in which he warns of a ‘paradigm shift’ in the works.

Well known investment billionaires like George Soros and Carl Icahn are rushing into gold. Soros is so convinced that a paradigm shift is in the works that after warning of financial collapse and violent riots  in America he sold his holdings in major U.S. banks and allocated more of his portfolio into gold mining firms.

And here’s a little known secret Keith Neumeyer shares in an interview with SGT Report – high net worth individuals aren’t just buying paper. Neumeyer says that the coin shortages being reported by national mints around the world are the result of direct buying of physical gold and silver from sophisticated market players:

I’m seeing the numbers coming out of the the Canadian Mint, Australian Mint and the U.S. Mint… the numbers are quite high for silver coins and to a lesser degree gold coins… I think, personally, that the commercials are buying them… I think that very sophisticated high net worth investors at banks and institutions are buying them.

Reports of EBT/SNAP problems began coming in heavily on January 1st as seen in the screenshot from Down Detector below, though that was an official government holiday.

These reports of EBT/SNAP being down across America are but a small taste of what faces us as a nation and as a people should the system come completely apart or we face a catastrophe such as a downed electrical grid, major attack upon our computer and banking systems, war, or an EMP.  


By Stefan Stanford
All News Pipeline

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