The same day we learned that the Obama administration and the US State Department be attempting to move illegal immigrants on to US military bases as shared in the 1st and 2nd videos below, we also learned that two suspicious backpacks were recently found at a US Naval Reserve Center in Florida as shared in the 3rd video below. 

With our own State Department planning on putting illegal immigrants, which even our own FBI and DHS have said they cannot properly vet, on to US military bases, is our military being set-up for a massive fall? Can it be wise to allow unvettable foreign citizens who may hate America and Americans on to our military bases? While we’re told this is mainly minors, this just seems to us like asking for more problems and one Alabama Congresswoman agrees. From the Washington Times.:

The Pentagon is beginning “site assessments” of six military bases, some as far north as North Dakota and Massachusetts to house a new wave of illegal immigrants that have entered the U.S. via Mexico illegally. 

A Pentagon memo to Rep. Martha Roby, Alabama Republican, detailed the Office of Refugee Resettlement’s plans to expand its shelter capacity.

“This temporary increased shelter capacity is a prudent step needed to ensure ORR meets its statutory responsibility to provide shelter for the unaccompanied children referred to its care and to assist [U.S. Customs and Border Protection] in ensuring that the U.S. Border Patrol continues its vital national security mission to prevent illegal migration and trafficking, and to protect the borders of the 
United State,” the memo said, according to the Washington Examiner.

Other bases being considered for expanded shelters include Tyndall Air Force Base, Fla.; Grand Forks Air Force Base, N.D.; Naval Support Activity Philadelphia, Penn.; Hanscom Air Force Base, Mass.; and Travis Air Force Base, Calif., according to the email sent to Ms. Roby.


We’re also told that Representative Roby had previously led a fight against allowing the housing of illegal immigrant youth at the Maxwell-Gunter Air Force Base in Alabama and had plans to lead the fight again to stop this latest attempt. Gary Franchi from the Next News Network tells us all about this latest move by the Obama adminstration in a new video called “Obama Eyes 6 ‘FEMA Camps’ For Illegal Immigrants.”

According to this Washington Examiner story, the latest surge of minors over the border reached 5,600 in November, more than twice the number caught last year according to the US Customs and Border Protection. Representative Roby shares with us one of the reason’s why this plan is so wrong.:

“A military base is no place to house illegal immigrant children. Bases like Maxwell are engaged in real military activities – training, education, cyber warfare – many times in classified settings that are very sensitive. Their mission does not need to be distracted by housing, feeding and securing hundreds of detainees.

“Housing illegal immigrant children at an active military base like Maxwell-Gunter is a terrible idea. We shut it down the first time and we are working every angle to shut it down again,” she said.

According to a new story on the National Journal, immigrants now make up 13% of the US population and 17% of the US work force. The Journal story clearly shows the changing face of America. Meanwhile, 63% of Americans are only one paycheck away from living on the streets.  


Michael Buczyner, a reporter at CBS12 in West Palm Beach, Florida broke the story this morning on Twitter of two suspicious backpacks that were found at a US Naval Reserve Center. While the ‘all clear’ was given, this is another incident where members of our Armed Forces could have been unnecessarily put at risk and as one commenter on the 2nd video reminds us, members of the US military have already been put in needless danger by being unable to carry weapons upon US military bases that according to this Breitbart story, goes back to the presidency of Bill Clinton. 

As has been shared in various stories on ANP and throughout the alternative and conservative media, Barack Obama and this adminstration have long had great difficulties with the US military and US Veterans. Between the firing of US military officers who didn’t meet his own personal ‘litmus test’ to the absolutely disgusting way the Veterans Administration has let a huge number of Vets die due to improper healthcare, is this adminstration preparing to take this ‘war on US Veterans’ and the military to another level? Why would they even think about housing illegal immigrants on US military bases? There are obviously better places for these minors to be and better things for our military to be doing with their time than babysitting.

Written By Stefan Stanford
All News Pipeline

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