This evening Shepherdess Celeste will be discussing the craft of Depression Cooking and Functional Food Art.


Here’s how you can listen. You can call in and listen by phone and or speak with us by dialing (646) 668-8952 or listen online at Christian Patriots

You have noticed that container sizes are getting smaller and the contents inside the container are shrinking while prices are skyrocketing.  How can you extend your meals?  With substitutes & equivalents can do for you!  Resources for economic meals and more.

What skills does economic Depression Cooking require?  Adventure, courage, ability to follow directions (at least once), basic ingredients, hand tools preferred, and pure food which is the foundation for creative, delicious and nutritious meals.

Just because you are cooking basic does not mean it has to be bland.  Let your five senses:


Be your guide to Functional Food art that is easy & economical to prepare.

I am posting notes on this topic just before the show so you do not need to take extensive notes, maybe just a few highlights.

Jan 5 Depression Cooking Pre Show Notes

Depression Cooking or Functional Food Art

Written by Celeste
Christian Patriots

Please visit Celeste’s website at NONAISWA.ORG

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