There are reports that the Feds are getting ready to cut communications and supplies from those at the wildlife refuge in Oregon.

We have witnessed these moves before one of them being used during against the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas.

Here’s a reminder on how it went down in Waco as reported by the
NorthStar Report below.

For 51 days we watched the puppet politicians and media villify Koresh and the Davidians as agents of the US government surrounded the compound, cut off power, cut off phone service so the people inside could not tell their side of the story to the public. They set up loudspeakers outside the compound and loudly played the sounds of pigs being slaughtered and heavy metal music 24 hours a day.

It all ended on April 19, 1993 when Delta Force agents showed up dressed to kill in Gestapo black uniforms. They hopped into their A-1 tanks and punched holes into the side of the building. They then flooded the building with nerve gas, and apparently started a fire that consumed the building and caused the deaths of 86 of the men, women, and children inside.

The NorthStar Report

Regardless on how you may feel on the situation in Oregon, the reports are beginning to come in that the Feds plan to shut off power, supplies and communications in the area which could be an indicator of what’s to come.

The government will surely use this situation to further their agenda by using the mainstream media to paint Patriots and Militias as domestic terrorists and the public will be brainwashed into believing just that and get the people to believe that any use of force against them would be justified and acceptable.

There’s a war going on for our freedoms and rights. The constitution is continually being butchered by Tyrants from all branches of government.

Instead of rights the government is giving us permission to own guns, to build a shed, to get married and the list goes on and on.

Pray for those in Oregon and that the screams of those demanding freedom be heard.

Here’s a live report from Joe Biggs of

Daniel Crane
Christian Patriots

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