The email came to us from ANP reader Jim aka ‘Jackrabbit’, a former US Army soldier who was trained for ‘crowd control’ back in the 1970’s and in it he sent us the ‘rules of engagement’ cards seen below that soldiers were required to follow when dealing with ‘civilian disturbance operations’. ‘Jackrabbit’ also shared with us his own deep concern that martial law may soon be coming to the US….building by building, block by block and city by city, as shared in his email to us republished in full later in this story. ‘Jackrabbit’ also warns that the 190 US cities to be receiving Syrian refugees may be the starting point of martial law and as we see in the 1st video, they already have the laws and infrastructure in place to do so. That list of 190 US cities is republished in full under the videos. 

As ‘Jackrabbit’ proves to us, though some things may remain the same, much has changed since he received the cards seen below in the early 1970’s and his warning to us has been echoed in several different ways by several different sources in the last several days. The signs outlined below help prove to us that preparation is continuing for something huge in America and the American people will likely be the last ones to find out about it as we get more confirmation of foreign troops on US soil and US Army training going on for what some may think ‘unthinkable’ in America.  

We sincerely thank ‘Jackrabbit’ for his service to America, for sending these cards in to All News Pipeline and for sharing his thoughtful comments. We should all be paying attention to what this man who served our country bravely has to say.



A story linked to on the website of Steve Quayle yesterday told us about 5 soldiers who died in a drowning due to the after-effects of the overswollen Mississippi River. In it we learned the names of the 5 soldiers and in so doing, we get more confirmation that foreign soldiers are being trained upon US soil and in such fields as engineering and chemical defense as well as military policing as shared more in the 2nd video below.

Maj. Mohammad Hassan Ibrahim, 32, EgyptMaj. Akram Abu Al-rub, 38, Jordan;Capt. Ahmed Moussouni, 32, AlgeriaCapt. Ahmed Abdelghani, 29, Egypt; and Capt. Hasman Hussin, 33, Malaysia, had been training at US Army Fort Leonard Wood Maneuver Support Center before their car ran into a swollen creek. With Barack Obama now planning ‘gun control via executive order’ according to this Politico story, according to one well-trusted ANP source, these men were likely also training for disarmament and riot control/martial law upon US soil as ‘military policing’ requires.

The story on SHTFPlan the other day showed a US Army ad, part of which shows what appears to be preparing for martial law on US soil. “This is not battle training; this is riot control” we are told and as shared more in the 3rd video below, we see a few scenarios where soldiers being trained in military policing at places such as Fort Leonard Wood might be used in the US.  

We now take a look directly below at the warning from ANP reader, US Army Veteran ‘Jackrabbit,’ and below videos we take a look at two important new SQAlerts as we begin 2016 much the same way as 2015 ended, with needed vigilance against an enemy who has vowed to not only kill Americans but end our way of life here so that sharia law can be implemented.

From US Army Veteran ‘Jackrabbit’: With all the talk about Martial Law that is coming and with this jihadist-in-chief leading the way to our destruction, I was thinking about what I was trained for when I was in the Military, (active US Army, Mechanized 4th ID). So I found the wallet sized card we had to keep on us and figured I would send it to you.

I was stationed at Ft. Carson in 1975 and one of our jobs along with training for combat, defending NORAD, we were trained in how to control, disburse, contain or deny access to the civilian population if we are called out during a civil upraising.

 We learned how to use shields, batons and military marching formations to disrupt and detain individuals and crowd control as well as using deadly force if necessary.

This card is a card that was printed in 1970 and as far as I know, Regular Army personnel would be used in such a matter if the government deemed it necessary up to today.

This training is nothing new for the military. However, given what is happening now and the jihadis that are in charge, I am very concerned that Martial Law will be coming out city by city. It may start with one or more of the 190 drop off city points for jihadis.

If you want to know how they isolate a city, just look at Ramadi or Fallujah,  how it was done. Block by block, building by building. No one in or out of the city which would be surrounded by two rings, one facing inward the other facing outward.

You may use these pictures and information if you deem it good to pass on. Just use my first name and alias Jackrabbit.


Will the 190 US cities that are now receiving Syrian refugees be the ‘starting point’ for martial law as ‘Jackrabbit’ warns? In the 1st video below we learn about an upcoming DHS nationwide roundup that some are concerned may quickly turn into a‘red list’ roundup here in America. Could this nationwide roundup of illegal immigrants be a front for something else? As Mark Krikorian, executive director of the Center for Immigration Studies recently warned, such a roundup here in America would hardly be more than a drop of water in a bucket, especially considering how many potential terrorists are being let in

“I’ll believe it when I see it, what share is this going to be?. . . It’s a drop in the bucket compared to the number they’ve admitted into the country. If you have photogenic raids on a few dozen illegal families and that’s the end of it, it’s just for show. It’s just a [public relations] thing, enforcement theater.”

As 2016 comes rolling in, Americans are continuing to be set up for a slaughter. With ‘Americans all being fired’ as Obama’s new executive action, printed as a rule in the federal register, allows for a huge expansion in the number of alien work permits issued annually, we see Obama’s 2016 is ready for his ‘final touches’. We also learn of more and more stories of jihadis who want to kill Americans, such as a NY man linked to ISIS who planned a New Years eve massacre as well as alleged reports of a sarin nerve gas attack threat upon US cities.  

All News Pipeline continues to pray for the very best for all of humanity in this time of great uncertainty. We pray for the safety of all Americans, our 1st responders and US military members who selflessly serve. Susan and I thank our readers, moderators and commenters for sharing your outstanding news tips, thoughts, and love. May God Bless you all. 


Dear Steve,

I work for one of the largest propane company in the United States and just today 12/30/15 I received a communication from upper management saying and I quote:

Yesterday one of our competitors had a visitor represent himself as ( FEMA ) Federal Emergency Management. He wanted to take pictures of the bulk plant. FEMA and Homeland Security were notified. BE AWARE!!!! If this happens to you, call FEMA immediately for confirmation of the individual’s identification and why they are there. Report any strangers or unauthorized persons to your local police department as well. Increase security at your bulk plants. Remember the gates should be locked at all times when employees leave the plant. Remind employees to be aware of their surroundings at all times.

God have mercy on all of us!


Malls are killing stations, a perfect environment to distract you and leave you unaware of your surroundings

Ever heard of killing fields? Malls are killing stations, a perfect environment to distract you and leave you unaware of your surroundings. Heres my advicw, Avoid places that resemble slaughter houses. Ever walked into a mall and said to yourself, “oh man if something were to happen in this mall, a lot of people would die”; then your probably still vigilant enough to look over your shoulder ever 5 steps, I hope. However, your still ignorant enough to go into these places. Malls, stadiums, markets, down town party areas, major “ATTRACTIONS”???
Like a torch in the night, people are so dumb while in “herd” mode that they shut down that part of their brain that makes them alert and aware of their respective surroundings. Is over priced merchandise and inviting stores worthy of your death? 

If you must go to these places, get in, get out and leave fast. Spend your time improving your home or yourself, not shopping your life away and killing your senses. FEDERAL LEO-

   190 US Cities To Receive Syrian Refugees

Written By Stefan Stanford
All News Pipeline

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