imageOur President and his administration value the lives of animals over that of an unborn child. Obama has been the most pro-abortion president since Roe vs. Wade. He is for abortion in every sense of the word. The abortion giant, Planned Parenthood, the nation’s biggest abortion business has done over 7 million abortions since Roe v. Wade, more than any other abortion company. A total of 56,662,169 children have been murdered by women in the United States since the passing of Roe vs. Wade in 1973. Obama stands behind his pledge of ensuring that women would have the opportunity to “fulfill their dreams” by killing unwanted pregnancies.

On the flip side, Obama has just restored the Endangered Species Act to protect the animals on the over one fifth of our nation owned by the US Government. This is not land owned by We the People. As a matter of fact, they are acquiring more every day under Eminent Domain Laws drawn up by lawyers and placed in the constitution allowing the State or Federal Governments to steal private land from citizens as they see fit.

So we see that our current government sees the animal’s right to life more important than the life of children. It is not just Obama and the Democrats. Planned Parenthood funding was passed by a majority of congress, of whom the Republican’s are the majority. The same people funded both Planned Parenthood and the Endangered species Act.

Agenda 21 and the Sustainable Living mandates are what we are seeing enacted on both sides of this issue. At first glance, the agenda looks beneficial and harmless — except for the fact that it sets forth a policy which strips individuals of freedom and controls private land unconstitutionally. The managing of Endangered Species under this mandate require the animals rights over humans use of, not only Government land, but your own property.


Now here’s the clincher. What animals are being called on to be the most endangered? Well, mostly the Man-eating type. Wolves, poisonous snakes, mountain lions,  lions, tigers , cheetahs, leopards and bears to name a few. Of course there are those others that actually are endangered that do not eat man that are the reasoning they present to defend this act. Under Agenda 21 it also calls for population reduction. This is the main argument behind the Endangered Species Act because every endangered species is that way because man did it to them. What better way to keep man from surviving in the woods but to protect the very animals that we have tired for hundreds of years to eliminate so we could live without fear of being eaten?

wolves1080-720x380If an EMP would cause us to be without power or an economic collapse were to occur, we would need to eliminate the threat of these animals all over again. They not only eat people, but any living animal that we may need to eat to survive if our current livestock production would come to a sudden halt. It is part of a systematic Lucifarian agenda by the power elite to do two things that covers them from not having to get their hands bloody. Killing babies at birth, by giving us the option to do so without calling it murder, and protecting animals on our lands for the survival of our food competition.

We have long been programmed with such a false compassion for animals and then, not programmed to lend a hand to a neighbor or homeless person, whom I feel is more important than an animal. The Government should not be involved in either abortion or the managing of land that could be better used for human use.  As per the constitution, this is not what government’s role is.

We, as human beings, should not kill animals unjustly, as we should not kill unborn children unjustly. But, it should be the right of free people to choose what they do in both cases. We, as Christians, do both things without the slightest thought about the choice. We know that it is wrong to kill unjustly and do whatever we can to keep from doing so without anyone telling us but our Father, God.

So the real reason for the issue is those who could care less what they do or who they kill to get what they want. This is what our Government is. It pretends to be God while calling all of us the reason they have to step in and be God. The New World Order will offer us a religion over Christian religion. Agenda 21 will re-program everyone to accept it over God the Father. In conclusion, this issue is the work of Lucifer, who’s time is numbered.



Obama: The Most Pro-Abortion President Ever

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