Earlier today we heard from US Army Veteran and ANP reader ‘Jackrabbit’ who warned us via his own personal experience that when it happens, martial law in America will likely be implemented ‘city by city’ and as we hear in the 1st video below, ‘Jackrabbit’ isn’t the only person warning that martial law is coming to America. Pastor James David Manning joins Alex Jones to discuss the persecution of Christians going on around the world, the battle against evil that Americans now face here on our own soil and his own strong feelings that martial law is coming to American soil before Barack Obama leaves office.

We also take a look below videos at a brand new warning from an ANP reader in Missouri who tells us about a couple of very strange experiences she has had recently that leads her to believe a terror attack might be in the planning stages. With this latest warning, combined with several other warning signs coming out of the Missouri area recently including mass prepaid cell phone purchases by suspicious men and stolen propane tanks among other strange events, we feel we should all keep up our vigilance and report strange events such as the one described below to the proper authorities.

In the 1st video, Pastor Manning warns that if Barack Obama can somehow manage to keep hold on his power past 2016 he will do so and warns us that martial law in America would be one way to do so. Telling us that both the Democratic and Republican establishment are showing their ‘true colors’ in their attacks upon Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, we see the establishment is coming unhinged and will do anything at all that they can to keep their dreams of a ‘new world order’ intact with a completely impotent America unable to do anything to stop them. 


“Martial law is on the table” Pastor Manning tells us as he warns Alex Jones “they’ will shut you down” as they will every and all alternative media outlets in America and anyone who doesn’t go along with the official dictatorial government party line. Pastor Manning also tells us that while he doesn’t know exactly how they’ll do it, Christian churches and the US Constitution are now in the globalists crosshairs for elimination as their endgame for America continues to play out. 

With ‘gun control’ now on Obama’s 2016 ‘New Years resolution’ agenda as shared in the 2nd video below and these linked stories from the Washington Post and CBSNews, we see that 2016 could quickly get ‘very real’ from the start with only 11 months separating us from the next election (if, of course, we get that far). Much more below video including the warning from an ANP reader about some more very strange events going on in Missouri.

By this time next year, President Obama’s successor will have been elected, but before he goes, he still has things he intends to finish in the remaining 12 months of his presidency.

“We think the lame duck moniker is dead,” a senior administration official told CBS News. Another official told CBS that the president has instructed his senior staff to “squeeze every last drop of progress out of the final year.”

After months of legal review, the White House is expected to unveil executive measures aimed at reducing gun violence, as soon as early next week.

The president himself announced that the review period is now coming to an end. “A few months ago, I directed my team at the White House to look into any new actions I can take to help reduce gun violence. And on Monday, I’ll meet with our Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, to discuss our options,” he said, in his weekly radio address, released on New Year’s day.

All News Pipeline has republished below an account from one of our readers in Missouri of recent events that she is concerned about. Despite the fact that some might say what we see below is ‘racial profiling’, we also know that in 2016 America, political correctness is deadly. Neglecting to speak out due to fearing they’d be considered ‘racial profiling’ in San Bernardino, California likely helped lead to the deaths of many innocent people. 

We thank our reader for sending us this information and for contacting the proper authorities about these incidents. While they could be nothing at all, we have learned that in this day and age, suspicious events should be reported, neglecting to do so could lead to dire consequences. 

I work in Missouri. To make along story short…..last Tuesday and Saturday, two Muslim men (different men each day) came into the local antique shops…..taking pictures of old military items, close up photos of military buttons. They did not buy anything except two cups of coffee at the local bar. They took pictures in several antique shops. They went to the grocery store twice, up and down every isle……..never purchased anything. The personal Missouri license plate did not come back with anything when ran through county law enforcement…..there were two cars, identical, white cars. If you are interested in anymore details. I would gladly tell u more. The first two didn’t scare me……the last two did..It was just very strange. They never looked at anything else in the entire, two story shop.

On Dec. 22, the first two, (well dressed, in casual business clothes, well groomed) came into our antique store which carries a wide range of antiques, with taxidermy, military, and new knives of every type. We pride ourselves in American made items. I am a Criminal Justice major, ex- police dispatcher, and life time “junker” who meets and greets customers, assist them if needed. One of the men never spoke, the other, spoke with a very strong accent, and was fluent in English. They went no further than the knife and military displays. The one, asked to take pictures, which we allow. He wanted a up close photo of this large,  brass eagle ,”button” . I took it from the case and played it on the table. He asked if I would hold it out a certain way, as he needed a more detailed picture. They both left.

On Saturday, Dec. 26, 2015, two men of the same descent came into the store. They were small, about 5’6″, very thin build, black canvas type slacks…almost like cargo pants. One had on a camp canvas, hooded jacket, the other, a black canvas, hooded jacket (I never heard this one speak English). They too, never left the front of the store, past the knives and military items. They never asked to take pictures, but did it anyway. They talked, in their language, amongst themselves, the entire time. The one asked me what the Confederate flag was. He had a hard time understanding me. He thought it was a flag of a single, southern state. He kept asking “what state it to?” They then left. I told my boss about the occurrence, and the one prior. She had seen the men entering the building as she went to lunch. I felt that it was odd. 

She went door to door asking if anyone else had seen them. They went to several other stores where they took pictures of the military items. The store owner at one shop followed them, he said they made him very uneasy, but I think many people feel that way right now, (these two were pretty creepy). The bar keeper said they came in and had two cups of coffee. The local grocery store attendant stated that they came in twice, never purchased anything, just looked all around. We called the local Sheriffs department. A deputy responded. I never heard if he did anything or not.

Now here’s the really odd part. We closed the store at approximately [3:30]. My boss was ahead of me, driving home. She called and said the two guys were in front of her (in the white, newer car we had noticed them in earlier, Missouri license plate IBRAH…personal plate). They turned left, she turned right and as I approached the intersection, I looked and noticed a car exactly like theirs on the right side of the shoulder. As the guys that came in passed this car, it backed up into a ” farm field” drive way……turned around and it drove back into Jamesport. As I passed this vehicle, (when it was backed into the drive way) I took a picture of it. There were no licence plates on it. I called the sheriff’s department and gave them the location of both vehicles. The dispatcher stayed on the line with me for several miles. I turned south and the white car, with the two men, was still headed westbound at that time. I never heard anymore. 

This town is a small community with no local law enforcement. It is a self sustaining community filled with good hearted people. I hate to think of the things that could happen there. There are multiple highways entering and exiting the town. It would be an easy target.


Written By Stefan Stanford
All News Pipeline

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