Something very ominous is happening within the so-called “truth movement,” a dubiously descriptive term that seems to include members of the new media, the body of the Christian church, researchers and intellectuals who are on a mission to expose deeply-buried plans of individuals and groups who are intent on advancing a covert and evil agenda. Watchmen, a biblically-based term used to describe those tasked with warning others of impending peril, are also in the cross hairs of a formidable enemy intent on distracting them from doing the very job with which they’ve been assigned.

The tactics employed by those who want their evil machinations kept hidden, whether the agenda is political, social, economic, or a combination of all, are not new. The tactics are being used to infuse the contagion of divisiveness among those intent on exposing them by exploiting egos, a sense of self-righteousness, and convincing many that they alone hold an exclusivity to truth.

This Tavistokian tactic is most advantageous to enemies of truth as it serves as the perfect mechanism to deflect attention away from their past achievements and current activities by injecting confusion, chaos, and questions of trust into the very venues dedicated to exposing and acting against these agendas of evil. This poses as great a threat as the evil they espouse, for it is a threat from within. Simply stated, it is the tried and true divide-and-conquer strategy, perversely perfected by the internet and social media. It is a deadly contagion that has infected many well-meaning people, and I’ve seen it happen before.

After spending most of my adult life as a professional investigator, I thought that I’d seen everything, from the start of a case to the final bang of the judge’s gavel rendering of a verdict. Having been inside many courtrooms, I often shook my head as many of the events that really took place, whether inside the courtroom or during the commission of the matter being litigated, were publicly misrepresented in the media by opposing sides to solely advance the agenda of one side or the other.

I’ve always been amazed how a single fact could be made to appear to support two opposing conclusions. I’ve also been amazed how statements that were made by a person with the best of intentions were used, almost always by overly zealous prosecutors, against the individual making the statements. I’ve seen reputations and lives needlessly ruined in this manner under the seemingly noble agenda of searching out the truth.

This, by the way, is one reason attorneys always caution people against talking to police or prosecutors without legal representation, regardless of the circumstances. It is sad to state that this is good advice, especially in today’s environment. When I was young, my parents always told me that if a person was telling the truth, they would never need a lawyer. Those days are long gone.

Outside of the courtroom, there exists the “court of public opinion.” From my experience, this is the most insidious of all venues, for those forming their opinions have neither all of the facts nor the most accurate information to arrive at a proper conclusion.

Although the evidence leaked from court proceedings is often undeniably true, there is always a bias associated with the information selected and provided to the media and the public in general. It is never released without an agenda, and always done to create a prejudicial environment for one side or the other. Stated differently, it has been my experience that such maneuvers are done to either exacerbate or mitigate damage, but rarely, if ever done to expose unbiased truth.

The media, and now, the social media plays a critical role in the process of facilitating chaos for an entertainment-starved public. The higher the profile case and parties, the greater the drama that unfolds. Just a few decades ago, the drama played out in next-edition newspapers and the late night news reports.

Today, causes are immediately taken to social media, where guilt or innocence is easily decided with ample gossip using cherry-picked facts. People pile on in a gleeful frenzy despite being low on facts but high on electronic testosterone. Sides form and divisiveness ensues, fueled by ego and even a sense of biblical righteousness, especially by those within the Christian community.

Isn’t this exactly what is taking place today inside today’s “truth movement?” Anyone with social media access can become a prosecutor, much like the aforementioned over-zealous court prosecutors. Truth then becomes secondary to self-serving agendas, where it is spun and finds its own high-water mark in the miry bogs of social media. Weapons fashioned to fight the enemy, much to their delight, are now turned inward. Meanwhile, the objectives of the enemies of truth are able to advance their objectives without molestation or encumbrance by Watchmen.

I believe that God has called upon us to play our positions and work our assignments to promote His word while exposing the evil and unrighteous. As long as we all agree that the singular and most important truth that exists is that there is only one way to salvation, and that is through our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. We must take everything else to our heavenly Father in prayer and weigh it against scripture, rather than use it as a weapon against others having the same beliefs, faith and objectives.

There will be many occasions that will pull us away from the bigger picture, or the larger fight. The Tavistock methods of social engineering will tempt us, seduce us, and ultimately enslave us into battling with one another until we realize that we’ve been gamed – that this was their tactic all along.

They’ve convinced us, under the pretext of exclusivity to truth, to assume the role of prosecutors of the brethren instead of warriors against their wiles. Sure, we all need correction from time to time, but correction should not itself be a blood sport, nor should it require us to take our eyes off our ultimate objective, nor should it dampen intellectual discussion that is done within the solid bounds of the ultimate truth of our eternal salvation.

We cannot afford to be ensnared by the tactics of the enemy as time is too short.

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Written by Douglas Hagmann
The Common Sense Show

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