I warned Texas, last Spring, that they were in danger when I wrote the article, Texas, Prepare to Defend Yourselves. I predicted that Texas would be singled out for martial law enforcement and now, it appears as if I was correct.

Lessons Learned

What did we learn from Jade Helm 15? The answer is simple. We learned that Jade Helm 15 was about moving men and material to key positions in the country where these resources could be better utilized in the following three ways:

1. Dissident extraction conducted by Special Operation Forces.

2. Martial Law enforcement.

3. Providing a cover for the preparation and mobilization which would be needed for World War III.

 Say Hello to Jade Helm 16

Officially, in March of 2016,  US Special Forces are redeploying to Texas, and then presumably to other states. Jade Helm has a new operating code name, the massive drills are being called UWEX 16 short for “Unconventional Warfare Exercise 2016.”

Jade Helm 15 was very covert and very dishonest when it came to dealing with the public. For example, Jade Helm 15 was not supposed to launch until July of 2015, when in fact, it launched in March. Who could ever forget the horrifying images of a Jade Helm dissident extraction drill being held on the streets of  Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

 Ft. Lauderdale dissident extraction drill executed on March 27, 2015. These images should haunt all Americans.


The Official Opening of FEMA Camps Under Jade Helm 15 Exercises

Camo Grayling, a known FEMA camp, was the site of massive training for the Michigan Army Reservists and the Michigan National Guard. They say they are training for GITMO duty. Perhaps this is true. However, everyone should Google "FM 3-39.4" and make sure you are seated as you read this Army Field Manual. There are some who are misleadingly printing what I wrote last Spring about the leaked government documents which tied directly into Jade Helm 15 activities. And on reporter is casting this same link as something new to Jade Helm 16. Jade Helm 15 established the fact that the drill is about dissident extraction and mass detention in times of martial law.

One of the more telling aspects of Jade Helm 15 was the use of known FEMA Camps (e.g. Camp Grayling) for the training of detention activities with American National Guard units (e.g. Michigan National Guard) and the joint training with various foreign troops on America soil (e.g. the Danes).

Jade Helm 16 Revelations

We are already seeing Jade Helm 16 activities differ from those of its recent predecessor. Do you remember this image from Jade 15 hearings that were held in Bastrop County, Texas?

Citizen discontent over Jade Helm in Bastrop County in the Spring of 2015.

There was no such protest when Bastrop County was handed off to the forces associated with Jade Helm 16 in the past few days.

Unlike Jade Helm 15, where military officers presented their plans for public scrutiny, UWEX 16 (Jade Helm 16) was secretly approved by Bastrop County Commissioners in secret. There was no public input. What we are witnessing here is that Bastrop County is effectively under undeclared martial law.

Who can forget this local image of troops participating in Jade Helm 15 last Spring.

jade helm big springs

This time the people of Bastrop County were removed from any public debate over military operations within their own County limits. In the matter of Jade Helm (UWEX 16) the citizens of Bastrop County don’t even know. And worse yet, they don’t even know that they are under military governance where their public officials are being dictated to in a secret manner away from public scrutiny.

Jade 16 Is More Covert and More Encompassing that Jade Helm 15

According to reports UWEX 16 will be even more covert than Jade Helm 15. People like Gary Franchi and myself have learned that Jade Helm 16 forces will be operating on privately owned properties in the county, and at Camp Swift. Unconfirmed reports are circulating that the US government made cash payments to the owners of the land which allow them to train on private property. The rumors are hard not to believe because I reported last Spring that each county who participated in Jade 15 was paid a nuisance fee of $150,000.

Bastrop County Judge Paul Pape, told the press, he is in full support of the next phase of military operations, This particular Bastrop County Judge, and traitor to his own community, Paul Pape, told the media that he is in full support of the next phase of Jade Helm military operations, Gee, Judge, if Jade Helm is so great then why do only you and the County Commissioners know the details? Why was this done in secret? Here is Gary Franchi’s brief report on the re-emergence of menacing Jade Helm activities in Bastrop County.


In Retrospect, What Did We Really Learn About Jade Helm 15?

Last Spring, I repeatedly wrote that Jade Helm 15 would morph into Jade Helm 16, 17, and 18 if need be. In hindsight, Jade Helm provided training for dissident extraction and the imposition of martial law. It also provided cover for the redeployment of US military assets for use in both martial law and World War III.

What Lies In the Immediate Future for Jade Helm 16, aka UWEX?

The name, Unconventional Warfare Exercise 2016, is ominous on its face. What exactly is unconventional warfare? It is an euphemism for guerrilla war. Under the present set of circumstances, where would a guerrilla war emanate from? It would come from guerilla activities resulting from the nation being in a civil war. Therefore, it is clear that UWEX, or Jade Helm 16 is about the establishment eliminating a civilian contribution to a guerilla war effort. In other words, people in a position of power are telling the American people through their actions, that they anticipate a civil war taking place in this country

"FEMA" mall in Tampa.

This photo is what started the controversy of guard towers being needlessly built on public structures. From the air, the guard towers stick out like a sore thumb.

I have had many people ask me what I learned about Jade Helm 15 that most surprised me. Besides the massive deployment of equipment to strategic locations, which indicated to me that World War III was inevitable, I was most surprised by the conversion strategy of malls and some schools to FEMA Camp detention facilities. As I reported in 2012 and reiterated last Spring, Simon properties owns all of these “converted malls” and they signed a bilateral agreement with DHS to use their malls for “national security purposes” back in 2o12 as did every professional sports team and league.

Schools constructed in a prison design are appearing all over the country.


Since November 1, 2015, I have been in sporadic communication with my sources regarding Jade Helm 16, among other topics. What most experts fear and what some experts claim to know, is that we are witnessing a massive influx of foreign troops into the country and the collective fear is that Jade Helm 16 is about facilitating and mainstreaming the use presence and use of foreign troops on our soil. In a popular uprising among the people against its government, this makes a great deal of sense. I am certain in the months ahead that much more will surface about Jade Helm 16. Suffice it to say, it will probably end up being Jade Helm 15 on steroids!


Written by David Hodges – The Common Sense Show

NOTE: Special permission given by David Hodges allows us to submit his articles in their entirety on CHRISTIAN PATRIOTS.ORG




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