Veteran’s Will Power Is Alive & Well

Determination and brute force combined will get you most places. 

Ignorance will NOT!

This past Sunday evening (Sept. 13th, 2015) a band of a growing citizens of the USA huddled around their computers, radios, Smart phones and listened to their fellow Americans tell an oh so true tale of being let down by their country that they served.

Veterans, their spouses and families have had it up to here, with Governmental Bovine Slurry that espouses from officials of the Veterans Administration, regarding the health and welfare of those that served their country and have and would lay down their lives for the security of the US Nation and its allies.

17,400 + people have joined in linked arms and pocket books to bring a message to the US Nation and the VA. 


The VA is Lying

Veterans Are Dying.

Billboards have been purchased on a month to month basis being paid for out of their own nearly empty pockets to place the message of despair in front of fellow American’s eyes.

Eight months ago it started and grew slowly, 2 weeks ago they had 8,000 members, today it is excess of 17,400.

This is not some group of “Redneck Nut Jobs“, these are people like you an I, who are losing comrades daily, through mistreatment, no treatment and suicide.

They listened for two hours to their fellow Americans tell their plight, share their woes, while the rest of you sipped on a cold one and watched the “telly”.  

This is not Europe and a refugee issue, this is fellow Americans on your doorstep, your neighbors that laid down their lives for YOU!  Came home and were discarded like ragdolls.

Listen – One Step Ahead September 13th, 2015 The VA is Lying

Of course we have passion for the refugees who are fleeing war torn regions of the world.  The same regions these Veterans were sent to, defending these people.  They have given and given hard to the point of exclusion of what they were promised.  To be looked after medically by the VA.

Their willpower is strong, their mindset is clear, no matter what members of the media, congress or the US President says.

The want, NO, DEMAND what was promised and rightfully theirs!

Not second rate health care without dated drugs, dangerous concoctions that are prescribed that when mixed kill, confuse and cause death.

They want what is right!

On Tuesday night (Sept. 15th, 2015) they are doing it all over again and coming together on the radio and Internet, speaking out, shaming those that have tried to silence them. 

Just like the resilience of the British in World War II, they huddled around communications and clung to each word of the same story that they know is fact and know first hand the dismal failure of those they once trusted.

One Step Ahead – Listen Tuesday Night 7 p.m. ’til 9 p.m. on the radio, Internet and you can call in, (646) 668-8952 

Don’t say the VA cannot be doing this to Veterans, they are.  Prove us wrong if you feel so strongly regarding this.  Do not brush it aside.  

The VA is silent and would like to silence this campaign, they will not!  

The VA Secretary, Bob McDonald is welcome any time to have a conversation, one CEO to another.  Sure, the issues are not simple when you have serious employee concerns within, that the government will not address.  

No point in hiding, the true facts are out and will continue to be front and center.

Listen to the Heartland of America Crying Out for What is RIGHT!

Winston Churchill said it succinctly “WE SHALL NEVER SURRENDER!” 

Written by Nick Ashton CEO/CTO, Commsmart Global Group of Companies

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