Pope wishes LGBT author “ever more fruitful work in the service of young generations”

Image credit: koreanet / Flickr
Image credit: koreanet / Flickr

Pope Francis has blessed a lesbian author for “spreading authentic human and Christian values.”

In his message to writer Francesca Pardi, who authored “Why Do You Have Two Mommies,” the pope also wished her and her partner “ever more fruitful work in the service of young generations.”

Pardi, who’s not even Catholic, sent Francis copies of her books after she came under fire from Christian groups.

“My books present different types of families without setting any of them up as a model,” Pardi told AFP, praising the pope for showing “respect and dignity” towards her, her wife and their four children. “It was not important for me that it was the pope who said it, I am not a Catholic.”

“But it is important to see that we are not up against a wall; a dialogue is possible.”

Written by Kit Daniels
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