Tonight on Fighting The Tyranny Radio we will have special guest Daniel Kingery joining us to talk about voting and The Consent of the Governed.


Daniel Kingery Graduated K-12 in ’79 and never taught The unanimous Declaration of the united States, though I was “informed of its existence and roughly about its content”; the school never did teach it Continued importance—only that it was used in 1776=1783 to free the States from British Rule. 

4-years of military after high school. Although I was required to swear to protect and defend our nation and constitution against enemies foreign and domestic—I was NEVER required or even tested on the subject of the Constitution.

Fighting the Tyranny with Michael Howell is a show designed to expose and end globalism and the New World Order. We cover any topic at a place I like to call the virtual round table. What concerns you today? Chemtrails, G.M.O.s, forced vaccines, undeclared wars, or even The Federal Reserve? All forms of tyranny will be discussed. False flags your fight? Boston bombing, Gulf of Tonking, J.F.K. assassination, or even the mother load of all false flags, 9/11. We have many years of research and insight to those and many other false flags.

Fighting the Tyranny has guest on and experts to make sure we squeeze out all the facts and drive any story down to the bone to uncover factual information valuable to restoring the republic. Politics, whether it is domestic policy, foreign policy, or the global agenda is what we are facing today. Our elected leaders are out of control with an out stretched military, no fiscal budget, irresponsible foreign aid, and undeclared wars for a global agenda. We are what stands in its way if we accept the challenge.

Please join me, Michael Howell, every Wednesday at [6:00] Pm Central time for another episode of Fighting the Tyranny. I look forward to hearing from you and taking your calls as we fight the global usurping of the republic and our individual rights.

Here’s how you can listen. You can call in and listen by phone and or speak with us by dialing (646) 668-8952 or listen online at Christian Patriots Network. We look forward to hearing from you!

Participation is always encouraged and open dialogue is welcomed. Regardless how you feel about today’s topics and concerns we can all agree they need to be talked about. Remember those that give up Liberty for security; deserve neither, Liberty, nor security.

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