Photos and video footage have emerged showing apparent multiple munitions explosions at a US base in Kanagawa Prefecture near Tokyo.

The fire department of Sagamihara said the blasts occurred shortly before 1:00am Monday local time, national broadcaster NHK reported.


More than ten fire trucks were dispatched to the site of the fire, Sagami General Depot, which is a US facility used for the storage of fuel and munitions.

Full report with videos at RT

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6 thoughts on “BREAKING: Explosions at US military base in Kanagawa, Japan”
    1. Thank you but am I missing something as it looks like all the same info that is in the above article?

      1. Speculation is of some 1 million Muslims in Japan, but it could possibly be an accident involving something such as electrical, or welding, or careless/negligent worker(s). I hope that it is not terror related as something of that magnitude would be very bad if any unauthorized person(s) got onto the base and wreaked havoc. I am waiting for sources other than US to report, such as Africa, where news is tossed onto the plate, and served up. UK broadcasting a bit more than US/MSM, but I discount the reporting and agendas of the MSM.

  1. I agree, Brittius. I see the Mirror in UK has some videos up and they do say:

    “But so far there has been nothing to suggest this blast was terror-related.

    Commander Urban said: “There are no reports of injury, and base firefighters and first responders are currently fighting the resulting fire to prevent its spread to nearby buildings.””

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