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The Washington Examiner recently published “Immigration revolt goes global: Americans not alone in opposing cultural upheaval”.  According to that article,

“In signs of a world revolt against immigration, a remarkable survey . . . finds that an average of half polled believe there are too many immigrants in their countries and nearly as many believe the newcomers are changing culture for the worse.

“The United States isn’t even at the top of those with a negative view, according to the Ipsos global poll . . . . In fact, the U.S. is in the middle of the average, with 49 percent believing there are too many immigrants.

“Turkey is first, at 92 percent, followed by Italy, Russia, South Africa, Belgium, India, France, England, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Argentina, Hungary, and then the U.S. (13th).”

In a world that is already over-populated in some places and likely to become even more over-populated in others, you can bet that immigration will become increasingly unpopular among those nations that are 1) not over-populated; and 2) prosperous.

People born into poor or despotic countries may soon have no choice but to engage in violent revolution within their own countries in order to have any hope of having food or freedom.

Donald Trump may be the first American politician to openly seek to stop illegal aliens, but his argument will, inevitably, become more popular as time goes on.  Not just in the US, but also throughout much of the Western World.  Today, some think Trump is a kook.  Five years from now, he’ll be seen as a prophet.

Increasingly, the illegal aliens will be seen for they are—an invasion, a cultural attack, and a heightened threat of criminal danger—if they’ll break the law to get into this country, they’ll break the law to stay.  That means they’ll be more prone to committing acts of theft, burglary, robbery, and even murder to somehow support themselves in the US.

•  But the coming restrictions on immigration and concurrent rise in nationalism will not only stop poor people from trying invading a foreign country—it will also inhibit the rich from leaving their home country to move into a more benign nation.

Written by Alfred Adask
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