[Image caption: I have news for Texas, they are not only coming to take your state, they are coming to take you!]

The on-the-ground reporting of troubling Jade Helm related activities are not dissipating. Every day, my email is filled with eyewitness accounts and photos sent to me by Americans who are alarmed and shocked at what is going on inside of their country. The unwarranted and unprecedented martial activities, resulting from Jade Helm, are serving to both anger and wake up American citizens who, otherwise, would not be paying attention.

In this update of nefarious Jade Helm activities, more Walmart plumbing issues are being reported, closed malls are having expensive guard towers retrofitted on the structures, but the most concerning development is the seemingly unlimited amount of mass casualty medical vehicles being spotted all across the country! This article provides a snapshot of each of these areas of concern with examples from domain of interest. And the majority of the concerning Jade Helm reports I receive are coming from Texas.

The Shipment of Military Medical Transport Vehicles Is Never Ending

Somebody inside of this administration and subsequently, Jade Helm, are clearly anticipating a mass casualty event(s). The flow of information in this area is increasing by the day.

Hi Dave,

I was driving thru McClellan AFB (now decommissioned) and noticed these 5 large FEMA RV’s, a “water trailer”(on the left in the pix) and 2 medical trailers (Sacramento Medical Reserve Corps). These  were parked in a Government secured building located in Sacramento CA. It seems they are expecting something in my area.

Ed Moore


mcclleland 1

mcclleland 2

Katy Whelan, the Health Reporter for The Common Sense Show. Ironically, Katy used to play a nurse on the Soap Opera, The Young and the Restless.
Katy Whelan, the Health Reporter for The Common Sense Show. Ironically, Katy used to play a nurse on the Soap Opera, The Young and the Restless



The Health Reporter of The Common Sense Show, Katy Whelan, sent these pictures of the transport of more medical trucks, designed to transport multiple dead and wounded from a battlefield, The vehicles were parked at the Walmart in Parker, Colorado, a remote suburb in Southwest Metropolitan Denver.


My friend Roger saw these about an hour ago in the Parker Colorado Walmart parking lot.
The driver was sleeping in the cab while these were taken.


More military medical vehicles being parked at Walmart in Parker, CO.
More military medical vehicles being parked at Walmart in Parker, CO.

katy walmart 2 transport vehicle

A Total of 19 Walmarts with “Plumbing Issues”

I went through my data file last night and I now have 19 accounts of Walmarts undergoing massive face lifts due to plumbing issues and in some cases, like in Midland, TX., there have never been plumbing permits obtained from the local authorities needed to do the work. Here is the latest such account.

Hi Dave,

I just wanted to pass along some rather interesting Intel that happened to me tonight. I had to return something that was given to me to Walmart this evening. I went to the one closest to my home located at 15th Avenue and Bethany Home Road (Phoenix). Inside, I noticed the restrooms upfront were closed with a large wooden enclosure surrounding it saying they were under repair. While at the customer service desk, I asked an associate if they were finally going to remodel the place and she stated “yes, the whole building”. It should be happening within the next 3 months. Once I left, I drove towards the back and noticed several storage boxes surrounded by fences and some other things I was not able to discern behind the building. Of course, I know exactly what repairs they will be doing. Just wanted to pass this along since it’s close to home.

God bless you brother and I appreciate all you do for us.


In a related development, many members of the mainstream media, in Texas, are contacting me in an attempt in getting me on their show and have me on their show in order to discredit the threat posed by Jade Helm and all the anomalies present in the Walmart fiasco. The very same disinfo trolls are following my articles from site to site in an attempt to discredit what I am reporting. As Steve Quayle, says, when you are over the target, you are going to take flak.

Papers Please! Military Checkpoints Within the United States

Get used to seeing these around the country.
Get used to seeing these around the country.

I now have a total of six accounts of “paper please” checkpoints on American soil being conducted me men in military uniforms.


I was traveling with my wife from Idaho to Washington when we were pulled over by men in military uniforms who demanded to see our ID and they questioned us where we were going, for how long and what our business was. They had used orange cones that narrowed to one lane to stop traffic.

I am sorry, but I never have read your articles until two days ago when our son show me what you have been writing on Jade Helm after I told him what had happened to his mother and me. You have already described exactly what we saw and experienced in the articles you have already written.

This is not America and this needs to be exposed. Would you mind if I shared your articles with friends and co-workers? We have to stop this. Be careful, Dave because what you are reporting must be a dangerous thing to do. 



Hi Dave,

Something weird happened last night and I thought I would bring it to your attention.

I saw a picture of a Blackhawk on a Facebook post and below it was the following comment.

” there are reports of black helicopters with 50 cal machine guns flying and hovering around Mead, Oklahoma and reports of men in dressed in black asking for peoples ID’s. If you have any info please post it here.”

As I clicked on the picture it said it had been removed and was no longer available for viewing.
10 minutes or so after that the post was completely removed by who ever posted it (EDITOR’S NOTE: OR, IT WAS REMOVED BY FACEBOOK).

Mead OK is about 10 miles north of the Texas border in Oklahoma.

Makes me wonder why the post suddenly disappeared and who was stopping people and asking for their ID’s??

Will try to find more info about the helicopters and who was asking for ID’s from the citizens
Of Mead, Oklahoma. I will contact you again if I find out anything.


Below, we have an eyewitness account of a closed mall being retrofitted with guard towers? Why?

Dave –

I live in the SW Dallas area and noticed this “guard tower” on the Southwest Center Mall in the Oak Cliff section of Dallas. (Pic attached.)

This is a dying mall and the tower is built onto a vacant section once a Dillard’s department store. Though I had noticed it in the past I didn’t understand the significance of it until reading your articles. Based on images at http://www.historicaerials.com this structure was erected between 2010 and 2012. The store was vacant in 2010 (if not before) and has not had a tenant since. The south ground level entrance to what was once the department store looks almost mosque-like but is boarded up. Notice below the tower just above the shrubs a single door. I believe this door was recently added and it does not appear to be a fire exit. Modern surveillance cameras with IR illumination rings guard the boarded-up entrances. The cameras appear to be maintained and the housings do not appear weathered. They seem to have been put there in the last couple of years.

Southwest Center Mall is about a mile from a National Guard Armory located at Dallas Executive Airport.

dallas jade helm


Mr. Hodges,

I just read your article about strip centers being turned into FEMA camps. I took these pictures while taking my bike into the shop and the last one I took from the local bike trail while out riding. The first three are at a long standing strip center, not sure how long, but, at least built in the 90’s. The last is at a local tennis center adjacent to the country club, it is frighteningly tall.

Just thought these would interest you and add to all of the other evidence that this is real and happening. If this is going on in Wichita Falls, TX, it can happen anywhere.

Gaelen Mills

retrofitted malls 1


retrofitted malls 2


retrofitted malls 3



In this article, we see the continue transport of medical vehicles in obvious anticipation of mass casualties. The worn out Walmart plumbing issues are still in play. Very disturbingly, we see the emergence of “papers please” checkpoints being conducted by military personnel. The potential conversion of shopping malls, through the retrofitted construction of guard tower structures, is quite common all across the country. The only question is, regarding these malls remains, “Are they keeping people in or out”?

The emergence of ID checkpoints is concerning because the small number suggests Beta testing. What follows Beta tests? I would respectfully advise people to prepare to survive what is coming and also to prosper on the other side of the coming calamity. Texas, you sit at the tip of the spear as over two-thirds of these reports are coming from the Lone Star State.

Written by David Hodges – The Common Sense Show

NOTE: Special permission given by David Hodges allows us to submit his articles in their entirety on CHRISTIAN PATRIOTS.ORG

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