The Columbia Planned Parenthood facility was one of the main discussions in Thursday’s Senate Committee hearing. The ‘Sanctity of Life’ Committee was formed shortly after several undercover videos surfaced, calling the organization’s procedures into question.

The committee is charged with investigating whether Planned Parenthood in Missouri has profited from selling fetal organs, which violates state law. The organization maintains that the allegation that it profits from illegal activity is not true.

Committee Chairman Kurt Schaefer is questioning whether the Columbia facility meets the requirements to have a permit.

“It appears there’s a general belief that it does not meet those requirements. Five foot doorways and certain hallway widths, which are required in ambulatory surgery centers. It appears at a minimum for some of those requirements, the Department of Health and Human Services granted waivers of those legal requirements. That’s something we’ll also get into with the Director.”

Written by Alisha Nelson
Full report at Missourinet

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