No More Guilty Until Proven Innocent

Calling on all Patriots, Christians, Marines, Navy, Air Force, Army, Veterans, Oath Keepers and Americans to please share this and come support Charles Dyer.

On April 19, 2012 Charles Dyer was found guilty of molesting his own daughter. The problem is, there is DNA, Computer forensics, and over 30 more articles of evidence that proves beyond a doubt that he is innocent of this crime. The jury that convicted him NEVER saw this evidence. He is sitting in prison on a 30 year sentence for a crime he did not commit. The Attorney General’s office states that they “cannot investigate” the actions of the officials involved at this time. 

This is a call for anyone who believes that those in positions of authority should be held accountable for their actions to TAKE ACTION.
Please join us in peaceful assembly to protest this gross miscarriage of justice.

When: Friday, August 28 at 10:00am in CDT

Where: Stephens County Courthouse
101 S 11th St, Duncan, Oklahoma 73533

No More Guilty Until Proven Innocent

Here’s a link to the Patriots for Justice in the Case of Charles DyerPublic Group where you can be brought up to speed on the case and have access to the evidence.

Daniel Crane
Christian Patriots

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