Does your government love you? Will it protect you through the tough economic times ahead? 


Or, will those Americans who are viewed as a burden to society, suffer the same fate as an unwanted dog in a humane shelter?

China’s stock market is failing along with the sell out of the Greek people and the collapse of their economy. In Greece, it is merely a matter of time until the entire country goes up in flames and results in a civil war. This is merely the tip of the iceberg. The “civilized world” as we know it, is in an undeniable economic meltdown.

With regard to the present set of economic circumstances, the pattern in history is always the same:

1. The government anticipates an economic meltdown. When they cannot spend their way out of the impending depression, they move to the next predictable step.

2. The government, fearful of civil unrest directed at them over the economic failures of their nation, begin to erase all civil liberties and frequently disarm the people in a move motivated by self-preservation. An unmistakable police state type of government emerges and the people live in fear.

3. Just prior to the economic collapse, government goon squads “remove” dissident leaders and others who may follow them. “See something, Say something” snitch, snatch and grab practices are enforced by the self-appointed Gestapo of that society. Frequently, a false flag event is carried out and is blamed on the targets of the purge, thus, gaining temporary acceptable from those citizens who just hope to be left alone.

4. When Jade Helm type of dissident leader extractions fail to quell the growing sense of public unrest, wholesale roundups and subsequent exterminations take place.

This four step descent into abject and genocidal tyranny is precisely where the modern nations are headed. All nations, in the modern era, will soon walk this path and produce the darkest days the planet has ever witnessed.

The emergence of secret police, the erasure of civil liberties, deaths squad executions of perceived dissident leaders, and mass roundups and executions of the masses of people that are no longer needed, or who will not comply, are carried out. America, ask yourself, what is the purpose of the NDAA and Executive Order 13603?

Spain and Italy Will Soon Go the Way of Greece


Demonstrators with their mouths taped sit outside the Spanish parliament during a protest against Spanish government’s new security law in central Madrid, Spain, early July 1, 2015. Spanish government’s new security law, which toughens fines for unauthorized street protests, comes into effect July 1. Critics consider it a violation of the right to protest and a limit to free expression and have labeled it “Ley Mordaza” (Gag Law). REUTERS/Juan Medina – RTX1IIKE

The New York Times reports that under a new Spanish law that went into effect on July 1, citizens can be fined the equivalent of almost $700 for insulting an officer, over $33,000 for recording and disseminating images of police officers, and more than $664,000 for participating in an unauthorized protest outside government buildings. 

The law covers Internet surfing and I want to specifically point to portions of the law which target illegal downloading, habitual access of websites that allegedly promote terrorism, and violent protest. Didn’t the Obama administration grant themselves the same censorship powers with the implementation of Net Neutrality?

The Common Sense Show will soon be banned in Spain and viewers could be punished, at least according to emails I have received from Spain. Additionally, Spanish citizens can no longer report police brutality or protest outside the Spanish legislature. Nazi Germany has once again returned to Spain. The message in Spain is clear, “you may not protest against tyranny”. The Spanish government is telling the people what is coming. The same could be said about the United States.

At the heart of the Spanish law, a blind man could see that the intent is to squash all criticism of the government. Why? Because Spain’s economy is on the verge of collapse and will soon become the next Greece. Italy will follow Greece and then we will see the wholesale collapse of the EU.

The typical pattern in world history is that when an economic collapse is anticipated, civil liberties, including gun ownership are erased. This has become a typical pattern in Europe since the global economic meltdown of 2008. Following the evisceration of civil liberties, mass detention centers are planned for and built. Europe is no exception to that rule. In fact, most modern nations have followed in the footsteps of this past practice with regard to an economic collapse including the construction of what we in America call, FEMA camps.

Jade Helm and FEMA Camps Have Gone International

The UK’s economy is failing and the conditions are so bad, that Scotland unsuccessfully tried to break away.

In response to a failing economy, the UK has taken definitive steps to prevent any citizen protests with regard to the loss of civil liberties. Dictatorial control goes hand in hand with an economic collapse. In the UK, citizen protest are largely banned. And when we see the suspension of civil liberties in anticipation of an economic collapse, can FEMA camps be far behind?

Contents from the following email was sent to me several weeks ago, twice by different people and was also posted the following on Godlike Productions.

Dear Dave

Is Jade Helm 15 taking place outside the United States? The reason I ask is because I have, for a long time, wondered WHY a local shopping mall near me on the edge of town, (In the UK) … had what looked like 3 strange little towers on each corner. They seems to serve no purpose because they had shuttered windows on each 3 sides which were always closed, never used. Almost looked sealed, and decorative.

The penny dropped the other day. After watching all the Jade Helm/ Wal Mart vids on youtube …. I realised there was a good possibility that this mall near me could be used as a holding centre or detention camp of some sort, like the Wal Marts in the US.

The 3 three little towers are positioned so that they overlooked all the car parks and grounds on all sides. 
All that is needed is a razor wire fence and voila – the mind boggles…

Another strange thing ….. there is another supermarket on the opposite edge of town which is a weird shape with a gold roof shaped like a pyramid or triangle from the air.
It has only recently finished being constructed.
I asked a workman why the cafe within the supermarket was so badly located and designed and pointed out other design flaws which the general public were talking about ….. to which he replied, ” Oh none of that really matters – they, Asda, only have the use of this building for 3 years – then – who knows? “





Australia Moves to Subjugate Its People

Regardless of the country, concentration camps always look the same.

The Australian economy is also failing. And what do governments do when their economies are about to fail? The subjugate the people. And as we see in Greece, Spain, and the UK, we are also witnessing the same in Australia. As a consequence, as Australia’s economy falters, the government is passing increasingly restrictive laws which are eroding civil liberties including the loss of the right to own a firearm, the last protection a citizenry has to prevent abject terror from being carried out against the people by the government. And of course the obvious question remains, does the Australian government have FEMA detention camps? The answer is an unqualified yes! Click here to read a frightening account of how FEMA went to Australia and instructed the government on how to construct FEMA camps.

Logan’s Run

The world is largely being run by individuals, who, in one way or another, subscribe to a Fabian socialist belief system which basically calls for the extermination of anyone who is not “useful and productive” to a society. Fabian socialists believe that when an individual or group no longer serves the purpose of the elite, that their lives have lost meaning and they should be exterminated. We saw this theme played out in the 1976 movie entitled, Logan’s Run.


In the movie, Logan’s Run, when one reaches age 30, an implanted chip turns red and the person is exterminated.


In some future time set forth by the movie, the Logan’s Runpopulation had to seek refuge in a dome to protect what was left of humanity. However, the size of the population had to be controlled to prevent overpopulation on the inside. As time went on, and unknown to the people, the conditions of planet had once again become habitable. The people were kept ignorant of this fact. The purveyors of the perverted society kept executing people when they reached 30. This movie exemplified the Fabian Socialism mantra which decrees that when a person is no longer productive in the eyes of the ruling authority, they should be exterminated. Make no mistake about it, the planet that we inhabit is being run by people who very much subscribe to this belief system. After all, do you see ANY evidence that your government loves you and will protect through the emerging crisis?  Of course not, the government has responded to the coming crisis by putting massive amounts of troops on the streets of America in a drill we refer to as Jade Helm 15


Preparing to rid America of useless eaters is certainly one way to “master the human domain”.

The Useless Eaters Need to Be Eliminated


Globalist, Henry Kissinger, says “We don’t need you useless eaters anymore.” A large segment of the American population is no longer needed by the elite ruling class because they no longer produce anything needed by the ruling class. We have 92 million working age Americans fully employed. In contrast, we have 102 million working age Americans who are unemployed or underemployed. One in six Americans are on Food Stamps. What use do the ruling elite, Fabian Socialists, have for these people? These conditions are the breeding ground for genocide.

Is this why Sherrie Wilcox found these outside of Atlanta?


Sherrie Wilcox discovery of FEMA coffins 50 miles outside of Atlanta



You would have to be a complete fool if you believe your government serves you and is concerned for your welfare. The government, as do all governments serve the elite. Since more than 50% of all Americans are no longer needed in the eyes of the elite, do you really think your government isn’t going to “trim the fat”?


Steve Quayle

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Written by Dave Hodges
The Common Sense Show

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