Mega rich and supra elites want present economic structure totally integrated into global command and control neo-feudal gulag

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The lethargic performance of the U.S. economy going back decades and plunging into an embedded depression, since the financial meltdown of 2007, has caused permanent damage. The business community and the financial press have yet to acknowledge that prospects are not going to improve. It does not take a commercial genius or an academic professor to look around at the shrinking middle class and conclude that the lessons of the preverbal business cycle no longer apply. In order for any economy to prosper, the fruits of commerce must improve the financial conditions of the producing contributors.

Ever since the globalist plutocrats have taken over the international economy, a prime objective has been to contract if not eliminate a viable domestic commerce sector. In a previous era the notion, whether real or imaginary, was that down turns will eventually be reversed and prosperity will return. Not so anymore.

A key consequence of systematically marginalizing the merchant economy results in the wholesale elimination of good paying jobs. The small business entrepreneur has a bullseye on their back as the government deploys legions of snipers taking target practice.

When a public sector job becomes the preferred if not the only gainful employment, the producing workers who create the real wealth are retired into oblivion. Under such circumstances, how can it be possible for a business cycle rebound?

The net result is that the purchasing power of the average family will continue to sink. Wages do not have the prospects to rise, because the consumer economy has run out of disposable money to buy non essential items. The cost of living continues to pressure the diminished resources of workers. Multiply this negative effect with retirees whose savings earn zero interest rate returns, and the crisis deepens.

Both of these legs cannot be balanced by the third limb, from government welfare recipients and bureaucratic officials. Nowhere in this formula are the prospects of arising tide lifting all boats!

Government dependent freeloaders and state employed sycophants are the main supporter of the current system. The mega rich and supra elites want the present economic structure to be totally integrated into the global command and control neo-feudal gulag.

Such a matrix does not allow for a robust and energetic business environment. Most people refuse to admit or face the reality that a productive business economy is necessary to improve conditions for the greatest number of citizens.

The fundamental distinction is to separate the corporatist economic model from the independent and individual ownership method of commerce. The former has driven down wages, slashed benefits and blocked upward mobility. The later offers opportunity, growth and innovation for both the consumer and the producer.

The era of secure and high paying jobs are over as long as the internationalist global economy is allowed to dominate the domestic economy.

When a country exists with a constant balance of payment deficit, it is impossible to grow your way out of a negative outflow.

There is no cycle reversal possible in this trade outpouring of real money. Misinformation that Free Trade will reduce this hemorrhage is a total hoax. This pattern of policy has been developed over decades and designed to intensify the dependency society.

Keeping the globalist game going rests upon fiat created money and central banking tyranny. An economy dependant on monetization of debt to finance the next rollover of bonds proves to be a fundamental impediment to unleash the business community for taking the risk to expand.

Adding to this obstacle, factor in the destructive government regulations and social policies of the Obama administration and ask a very simple question. Name one example of a beneficial initiative under this administration that has grown jobs and advanced the economic prospects of Middle America?

Cooking the unemployment books by factoring out millions of potential workers no longer looking for employment, illustrates the terminal nature of irreversible bleak business prospects.

The net result forecasts a permanent poverty that will destroy any chance for bettering one’s condition. As the economy further fragmentizes into varied levels of relative regional disparity, the internal social conflict will intensify.

Urban vs. rural economies will separate even further. Such conditions certainly will derail any meaningful bounce in economic activity.

All this without a major false flag incident, an unexpected financial crisis or an intended implosion in world markets, eliminates necessary conditions to boost productive business activity.

Remember the true and proven method of investing in the stock markets? Real returns over the long haul were the hallmark of confidence in risking capital. Are you one of those brave investors just waiting to follow the professional insiders in a greedy frenzy to make a quick buck?

Lost in this mix is that little Wall Street money is used to finance actual business ventures that make tangible products, employ unemployed workers and infuse capital to purchase from suppliers. This function and justification for allowing an elite financial cabal to pick and choose ventures that will be granted money is OVER.

Only the crony internationalists of the political policy class get the green light to cache their government subsidies and continue their rape and pillage of the true economy.

So explain just how a traditional business cycle can rebound?

Good times cannot happen when business employment is based upon a minimum wage, restricted hours (because of Obamacare), and unstable market conditions.

Where is the confidence? Obviously, it has evaporated for every sensible reason that scares every business person. Without the buoyancy of daring risk takers, no business would operate, much less grow.

The band of criminals that have long labored to destroy our independent and prosperous economy and replace it with a subsistent level existence has done the impossible. They have eliminated the business cycle.

This substitute has all the signs of an enduring basic need survival economy. Only the masters of the universe profit from a permanent and contracting downturn activity. Who else can short markets with such ease as they withdraw liquidity from the financial system?

Written by James Hall

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