Our worst fears about Jade Helm are beginning to be realized. Back in March of 2015, many of us in the alternative media saw the inherent danger in the unconstitutional military drill called “Jade Helm 15″. Now we see that our concerns were well-founded as the more draconian parts of this drill are beginning to take shape. This article explores one aspect of Jade Helm, namely, the use of covert death squads connected to this drill.

Lord Monckton Speaks Out About Global Governance

Lord Christopher Monckton is not a stranger to the establishment of a tyrannical global government. It is Monckton’s belief that world government will be formally rolled out under the guise of saving the environment.

Monckton has been outspoken about how global governance has been secretly thrust upon humanity in this bold move of seizing absolute power through obtaining all wealth for a very small minority of men in the name of preserving the planet under the fiction we call man-made climate change.

Lord Monckton acknowledges that his views sound extreme to the uniformed, but UN documents (e.g. Agenda 21) makes it clear that mankind is at the precipice of the implementation of a tyrannical and dictatorial global government.

In a similar vein, Pastor Lindsay Williams has recently stated that the Pope is going to call for world governance, in order to save the planet from the so-called ravages of climate change. Williams has announced that this proclamation will take place at the Pope’s address to the United Nations on September 25, 2015.

If Monckton and Williams are correct, then Jade Helm being rolled out on to American streets, in advance of these proclamations, brings on special significance.

A Frightening Public Service Announcement In Midland, Texas

Do you remember this Marlon Brock photo, previously published on The Common Sense Show. This is from the Midland, TX. Walmart where they are hauling away the old to make way for the new.  Who are they making room for?
Do you remember this Marlon Brock photo, previously published on The Common Sense Show? This is from the Midland, TX. Walmart where they are hauling away the old to make way for the new. Who are they making room for?

Marlon Brock of Big Spring, TX., who demonstrated, through his photos published on The Common Sense Show, that Walmart was changing its ventilation system and was hauling away all shelving in the store which was allegedly closed to repair just the plumbing in bathrooms.

Yesterday afternoon, Marlon sent me the following email:


The local news talk am radio station announced yesterday (Friday) that beginning next week there will be 60 to 65 JH 15 soldiers in Martin County (Stanton Texas) involved in the JH 15 exercise.  They also stated that many of them will be in uniform and carrying weapons so “don’t be alarmed.” 

They also stated that a number (unknown) will be “undercover.”

The people out here are brain dead and care less about what is going on right in front of their eyes.  I have been watching the Midland Wal Mart and they have completely re-done the road in front of it as well as the parking lot.  I have not seen any evidence that the plumbing was ever repaired.

I will send you photos of the JH 15 soldiers and the Wal Mart next week when I hunt down the martial law soldiers.  Marlon 

Our profound thanks goes out to Marlon Brock for being a watchman on the tower of freedom. I want to call specific attention to the phrase, “They also stated (the local media) that a number (unknown) will be “undercover”. This is what special operations forces do. By stealth, they sneak into an anticipated war zone and kidnap or assassinate high priority targets (i.e. this is what Steve Quayle has called the “red list” for over 2 decades).

My summary conclusion regarding the entire and nefarious public service announcement in Midland is bolstered by previous announcements by Jade Helm officials in earlier media accounts.

Death Squads Are Being Inserted Into American Communities

serving the countryA Houston Chronicle report stated that Jade Helm soldiers will blend in with the local populations in an effort to test the effectiveness of infiltration techniques. Residents will be encouraged and commanded to report anything they deem suspicious during the Jade Helm drill.

I had previously taken this information to my sources and they confirmed that the Houston Chronicle Report is referring to the insertion of simulated death squads into selected American communities. This is the reason that Jade Helm is encouraging local citizens to report “suspicious activities”. This is a beta test for this operation. From an operational perspective, the fewer the number of the citizen reports the authorities receive, the more effective the intended stealth of the death squads would be judged to be. As opposed to more “traditional” military units, the Special Forces, associated with Jade Helm, would be the ones to carry out death squad executions of intended dissident target groups. In other words, this is how the Red List executions will be carried out. The more covert that their presence in a community would be, the less likely their intended targets would be spooked and make a run for safety. Fleeing individuals targeted for assassination is the reason why certain communities must be isolated so that intended targets cannot travel to congregate with fellow dissidents or to be able to escape final justice.

death squads- god blessIn addition to my military sources insight on this issue, more confirmation for the use of death squads on American soil comes from my friend and colleague, Roger Brown. Roger has written extensively on the subject of American death squads and has presented this information on The Common Sense Show. That interview can be accessed here. Roger’s written assessment of death squads in America can be found here.

Marlon Brock’s observations has much basis in fact. I wish it was a simple that we only had to worry about Jade Helm death squads. As I did the research for this article, it took a dramatic right turn.

A Remote Russian Spetznaz Facility In Bado, Missouri

Two days ago, I reported that the Russians were training with Jade Helm personnel and this was the reason that the military placed a ban on embedded media coverage in the Jade Helm drills. Even Drudge got into the act. This was a very disturbing event. Then, things went from bad to worse as I received the following email.

Hello Dave,

I had queried John Moore here in Missouri about the validity of Russian Spetznaz being trained and deployed throughout the United States.  John confirmed that there are, indeed, thousands of Spetznaz here in the US, and proceeded to tell me about a compound that was established as a drug and alcohol rehab on a 102 acre farm in a remote part of the Ozarks, specifically in Bado, Missouri.  

John also went on to talk about the experience that CSM Dan Page had when he was training with the Spetznaz in Bosnia  during the 1990’s. The Sergeant Major said that part of the exercise in Bosnia was to go from house to house, disarming the populace, which is pretty much standard operating procedure anymore.  Interestingly, however, CSM Page said that when the Russians would have too much to drink, they would start letting out the real purpose behind their being in Bosnia, which was to serve as a training ground for the disarmament and takeover of America at some later date.

Here is an article on this rehab in Bado:

John Addyson

The “John Moore” being referenced here is former Green Beret and current talk show host, John Moore. John and I have appeared on many talk shows together and yes, John Addyson is correct that John Moore has first hand knowledge about Russian Spetznaz training on American soil. John Moore once told me that two teams of eight Spetznaz could take down an entire power grid the size of the city of Phoenix (four million people).

In the related article about the “fake” Russian alcohol rehab facility, the article states the following:

“New Life (rehab facility), whose roots are in Russia, has operated from Bado for about three years. Its existence is tucked away in the Ozarks hills and down a narrow country road off Highway M: A 102-acre farm built into the hills far away from the bigger towns of Houston and Cabool. Few know it exists”.


Why is Russian involvement in Jade Helm significant? Because they will not hesitation to kill Americans in the death squad executions, political dissident extractions and gun confiscations that are coming.

Ask yourself, what good does it do for a nobody to know that a rehab facility exists? How would they ever get clients/patients? That is the point, there is another purpose. What are the Russians really doing here? Why are the involved in Jade Helm? And more importantly, why is their participation being covered up?

Hell on Earth is about to visit our shores.
Is “Hell on Earth” about to visit our shores?

Lord Monckton and Pastor Williams are warning against the roll out of global governance in the next several weeks. It is beginning to look more and more like Jade Helm will be the American-based enforcement arm of the conversion of America to Amerika.




Written by David Hodges – The Common Sense Show

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