[Photo caption/credits: Gadgets may work in the movies for James Bond (portrayed by hoplophobe Daniel Craig), but in real life, how many of us have ever pointed a remote control at the TV and had nothing happen? — SKYFALL – Official Trailer: Sony Pictures Entertainment]

Washington Ceasefire Director and citizen disarmament proponent Ralph Fascitelli says there’s “one thing the president can do now to reduce gun violence,” and Oath Keeper peace officers are in a unique position to bring some rationality into consideration.  That’s because his proposal subjects officers to becoming guinea pigs for “smart guns” in the field, and a preemptive refusal can stop such moves before they’re made.

“The president can make his move by encouraging the various federal law enforcement groups, from the FBI to the Secret Service, CIA, TSA and U.S. Border Patrol, to test and ultimately validate smart guns,” Fascis… uh, Facitelli volunteers (others). “Overall these various federal national security groups represent well over 100,000 officials and can generate irrefutable legitimacy to smart guns. Such validation should in turn stimulate state and local law enforcement across the country to use smart guns and eventually a consumer swap out of traditional firearms to safer smart guns.”

Notice how ultimately, choice is eliminated. It’s also curious how Facitelli makes much of his case using suicides — as if personalizing a gun would have any impact on that

As for his grand strategy, it’s not like he’s proposing anything original. The first attempts to make personalized firearms were prompted by police takeaway incidents, with a National Institute of Justice grant to Sandia National Laboratories to look into using radio frequencies to come up with a “solution.” But even though that was the impetus for experimenting with the technology, state laws requiring “smart guns” once marketable products are available pointedly exempt police.

Typically, I’ve opposed such special exemptions for law enforcement, considering them part of an “Only Ones” phenomenon that denies essential rights to We the People and further widens the “us vs. them” mentality divide. In this case, due to an admitted plan to exploit officers in the field in order to ultimately outlaw non-compliant firearms, such an exemption can actually help thwart that by denying the anti-gunners the “validation” they seek.

Written by David Codrea
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