[Photo caption/credit: Governor Jay Nixon (left) signed the municipal court reform bill sponsored by Senator Eric Schmitt. (Bill Greenblatt/UPI)]

Governor Jay Nixon has signed into law a bill that further limits how much cities can profit from traffic tickets a fines.

The bill lowers from 30-percent the amount of annual revenue a city can take in from traffic tickets and fines. Governor Nixon called for a municipal court reform bill after abuses came to light in St. Louis County municipalities that he called “predatory.”

He says he was alright with the bill lowering that cap to 12.5-percent in St. Louis County but 20-percent for the rest of the state.

“St. Louis is where the challenge began. When you have 90 municipalities, when you have 34-percent of all of the traffic fines [in the state] being paid in one county, that’s where the challenge really started,” said Nixon. “The problem over there was more challenging and that’s why the legislature and others in looking at this decided on a stronger remedy on the front end for them.”

Written by Mike Lear
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