Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis has described the actions of Athens’ creditors as “terrorism,” but said agreement with them was inevitable in an interview published hours before a landmark referendum to accept or reject the bailout terms.

“What they are doing with Greece has a name: terrorism,” Varoufakis told Spain’s El Mundo daily. Why have they forced us to close the banks? To make people frightened. And when it comes to spreading terror, this phenomenon is called terrorism.”

Varoufakis said he believed Brussels and the Troika of creditors wanted the people to says “Yes” to the bailout terms, so that “they could humiliate the Greeks.”

He also warned that Greece’s exit from the Eurozone is something the EU cannot afford.

As much for Greece as for Europe, I’m sure,” Varoufakis said in the interview. “If Greece crashes, a trillion euros (the equivalent of Spain’s GDP) will be lost. It’s too much money and I don’t believe Europe could allow it.”

Other EU members, however, argue they would easily survive a possible Grexit.

For Europe, this would be easy to manage economically,” Austria’s Finance Minister Hans Joerg Schelling told online newspaper Die Presse, Reuters reports. “For Greece, it would indeed be considerably more dramatic.”

The minister, however, cautioned against exaggerating the extent of economic hardship awaiting Greece in case it leaves the Eurozone.

There’s a propaganda war going on here. It’s exaggerated to think that all the Greeks will have to live in the streets or won’t have access to medical care,” he said.

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