Gay Activists Visiting White House Take Photos of Themselves Flipping Off Reagan Portrait

UpdateWhite House Rebukes Activists Who Flipped Off Reagan Portrait: ‘Behavior Like This Doesn’t Belong Anywhere’

Gay activists from Philadelphia posed for pictures while giving the middle finger to a portrait of former President Ronald Reagan during a recent trip to the White House, according to Philadelphia Magazine:


Matthew “Matty” Hart, left, Mark Segal, center, and Zoe Strauss, right, pose in front of portraits of Presidents Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush at the White House. (Image source:


Last Friday, an attaché of important gay people from Philadelphia made a trip to Washington D.C. as invited guests of President Barack Obama for the White House’s first-ever gay pride reception….some of them took advantage of photo opportunities to give the late President Ronald Reagan the middle finger

“It’s not a gesture that I would use in the White House when representing our city and our community,” opines Philadelphia Gay News publisher Mark Segal (center), who opted for a sarcastic thumbs-up pose in front of the portrait of George W. Bush over the more vulgar one demonstrated by his Reagan-loathing peers, Matthew “Matty” Hart (left), the national director of public engagement at Solutions for Progress, and self-taught photographer turned toast-of-the-town Zoe Strauss (right).

Written by Madeleine Morgenstern- The Blaze
Full report at The Blaze

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3 thoughts on “Gay Activists Visiting White House Take Photos of Themselves Flipping Off Reagan Portrait

  1. Reblogged this on Brittius and commented:
    Maybe if anything happens this week in America, concerning jihadists, they might go to gay communities. If so, expect others to be cheering or providing the beers. (You never know.)


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