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The Fiscal Times reports that,

“As sales continue to fall, McDonald’s is desperately trying to reinvent itself, and its latest efforts seem to be aimed at a slightly classier crowd.

New England-area McDonald’s are going to start selling lobster rolls again after a 10-year hiatus, according to a report on Fox CT. No word yet on whether the old name McLobster will be revived.

“The new lobster roll is reportedly made from 100 percent North Atlantic lobster, and includes mayonnaise, a bed of lettuce, and a small, toasted roll.   The meal has 290 calories and sells for $7.99.”

Hey, girls—how’d you like to go out with me for a romantic lobster dinner?  I’ll take you to McDonald’s.  They’re catering to a classier crowd.  I hear they’ll soon have strolling minstrels, violin players and candles on the tables to add ambiance.  We’ll go in your car.

In fact, what I see is an almost comical attempt reverse McDonald’s decline. It’ll take more than lobsters to save “Micky D’s”.  Without a radical restructuring, McDonald’s may be heading for oblivion.

Written by Alfred Adask
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