Venus (L), (NASA / JPL) and Jupiter (NASA / Freddy Willems)

The two brightest planets Venus and Jupiter are to appear so close in the sky in the upcoming nights that they will be seen like a single super bright star, which some astronomy-lovers say resembles the biblical ‘Star of Bethlehem’.

“Throughout the month of June 2015, the two brightest planets in the night sky, Venus and Jupiter, are going to converge for a close jaw-dropping encounter,” said NASA in a news release.

During the whole month the planets were drawing closer to each other and on June 30 they will reach their tightest grouping. In fact every night in June, the separation between the celestial bodies was visibly shrinking. 

“On that night [June 30] Venus and Jupiter will be a … 1/3rd of a degree apart. That’s less than the diameter of a full moon. You’ll be able to hide the pair not just behind the palm of your outstretched hand, but behind your little pinky finger,” added NASA.

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One thought on “Venus & Jupiter to pair in spectacular ‘Star of Bethlehem’ conjunction”
  1. We will miss it in Missouri, at least for sure in Northwest and Kansas City areas! We have storms coming in night but main problem is the smoke moving in Missouri from all the fires in Canada and Alaska. We had a blood red sun last night, and this morning, that you could look directly at as well as a blood red moon (not associated with the 4 blood moons) last night. This would be quite spooky if one did not know what was happening. Great article, Daniel!

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