Now, suddenly the flag ‘belongs in a museum’

In the wake of the Charleston shooting, and subsequent pictures of the shooter posing with a Confederate flag, Barack Obama this week said that the flag belongs in a museum.

It seems he has changed his tune in the last three years somewhere, however, given that he was using the symbol during his 2012 re-election campaign.


Indeed, Obama had his own Confederate flag campaign badge, which states “Where the confederate flag still flies, we have built a powerful coalition of African Americans and white Americans.”

The quote was taken from Obama’s racially heated speech in 2008, during which he also praised his mentor former pastor the controversial Reverend Wright.

Obama was not alone in using the symbol of the Confederate flag, synonymous with the South, to solicit political support.


Hillary clinton had her own brand of Confederate merchandise in 2008.

Strange given that she has also stated that the flag has no place in the US today.

She’s also staying quiet about her husband’s previous use of the ‘racist’ symbol.

And the fact that it flew above her house for 12 years:

While online auction site eBay declared it would prohibit Confederate flag merchandise, these items still remain available.

Walmart and other retailers have jumped on the bandwagon to ban a flag, as if this will make any difference to racial tensions currently playing out across the nation.

As Deborah Simmons wrote in her column for The Washington Times yesterday, “I ask, what happens after the flag comes down? Are racism and bigotry supposed to go poof?”

“It’s undeniable that the history and the heritage of South Carolina, rebel U.S. state of the first order, are intertwined. Period.” Simmons added, urging that the flag represents heritage.

“You cannot give true due to South Carolina and its history and heritage without marking the roles that blacks have played, as well as their history and heritage.” Simmons added.

The fact is that racism and bigotry will not disappear overnight just because a flag is hidden from view, especially given that the establishment and its corporate media mouthpieces are continually intent on fanning the flames of racial division.

Written by Steve Watson

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