Pro-choice doesn’t mean “anti-life,” but “improves life,” according to one abortionist amplified by The Guardian. That is, if you don’t count the unborn baby’s life.

The Guardian recently published a piece by an anonymous abortionist arguing that, “Being an abortion doctor has taught me a lot about life.” In it, the female “doctor” wrote that her work makes her feel “elated” – work that includes removing a 23-week-old unborn baby “part by part” and searching for the “jelly-fish-like gestation sac” surrounding a five-week-old.

To begin her story, the abortionist described how, at 17-years-old, she was, “full of idealism and pride to be applying for such a noble profession.”

Today, she still boasts that pride.  Now, “nearing the end of my abortion-care training,” she insisted, “I’d never go back and change that decision.”

“I have learnt much about life from the women I have cared for,” she stressed. “They have taught me that pregnancy at the wrong time, with the wrong person, or in the wrong situation, can be a very lonely and unsympathetic place to be.”

Written by KATIE YODER- Life News
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2 thoughts on “Abortionist Describes Her Joy at Pulling 23-Week-Old Unborn Babies Apart “Piece by Piece””
  1. Years ago, I read that a woman abortionist in the Us that did later term abortions (like 6 months gestation or later) felt like she really had a gratifying work day when she killed twins late in a pregnancy.

    For those of us, sinners as we all are, but with some humanity, it is not possible to understand those sentiments, not possible to understand the depths of moral depravity that truly evil people will go to.

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