Tonight’s show will have guest hosts Michael Howell from Fighting the Tyranny Radio, and Eric Bell from Whom the Bell Tolls. Join them as they discuss the current issues America and theglobe face.

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Freedomizer Radio! Click the listen live button or listen by phone. The number is 347-324-3704 which can also be used as a way to get involved in the conversation.

Fighting the Tyranny Radio


Fighting the Tyranny is about exposing the New World Order and stopping all their efforts for global dominance. No subject or topic is off limits. From the fiat currency from the federal reserve to the poisoning of our foods through GMO’s, Fighting the Tyranny will cover it all. It’s not about political parties but focuses on individual liberties and freedoms.

Looking for a place you can voice your opinions? Looking for a place to share information and have open dialogue? Fighting the Tyranny with Michael Howell is your forum. Tune in every Wednesday at 6;30 to 8;00 pm central standard time right here at Make us a part of your fight against all things as it relates to tyranny and globalism.

Anyone interested in being a guest on the show is welcome to send an email to Whether your fight is bankers, chemtrails, vaccines, or anything in between, we would love to have open dialogue and discussion.

Michael Howell has been in this fight for many years. He has a passion for ending the global agenda and restoring personal liberties. Being involved in the political scene for many years, he has a wide range of the fight in world globalism. A libertarian, and staunch 2nd amendment supported he realizes our rights and freedoms are under attack and plans to conquer the globalist and not be divided and conquered.

He has traveled as an advocate and has participated in many rallies as well as speaking to help spread the information. During the 2008 Presidential Elections he traveled and went to the presidential debates to help, not only grow in his fight, but to spread the information of rights and freedoms. Speaking at some grassroots events and also town hall efforts, he was able to met many like minded liberty lovers and be asked to participate in liberty think tank groups where restoring the republic was at the forefront of the group.

Please join Michael as he takes on the global elitist and tyrannical government and their policies. Be a part of the show and participate. Remember, every Wednesday at [6:30] to 8:00 pm central standard time here on is the place to be to fight the political agendas!

For Whom The Bell Tolls


For Whom the Bell Tolls airs every Tuesday from 3-6pm PACIFIC / 6-9pm EASTERN

What does a free society look like? And how do we get there?

Join Eric Bell every Tuesday.

Please go and check out Fighting the Tyranny Radio and For Whom the Bell Tolls on Freedomizer Radio

Daniel Crane
Christian Patriots

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