Huckabee whacks ‘modern myth’ of Supreme Court

WASHINGTON – “The Supreme Court is not the Supreme Branch, and it is certainly not the Supreme Being,” emphasized GOP presidential candidate and former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, in remarks provided exclusively to WND.

The remarks come from a letter the former Arkansas governor will distribute to conservative leaders and pro-family activists ahead of a crucial upcoming Supreme Court decision on whether to legalize same-sex marriage, due before the end of June.

Huckabee vowed to “refuse to sit silently as politically driven interest groups threaten the foundation of religious liberty, criminalize Christianity, and demand that Americans abandon Biblical principles of natural marriage.”

He observed that it is we the people, not one branch of government, who can ultimately decide what is the law of the land, and he promised “to reject judicial tyranny and fight for religious liberty,” while the country awaits the Supreme Court decision in Obergefell v. Hodges.

“Too much power concentrated in the courts is a threat to our republic,” said Huckabee, adding, “I will fight judicial tyranny and return power to the people.”

Huckabee noted the fallibility of the court as evidenced by previous rulings, and blasted some of those historic decisions.

“These nine, unelected Supreme Court justices have rationalized the destruction of human life, defined African-Americans as property and justified Japanese-American internment camps.

“The notion that the Supreme Court is an exclusive entity empowered to interpret the Constitution is a modern myth, which has flourished since the 1960s.”

Written by Garth Kant
Full report at WND

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