First published in A.D. 2003, Cracking The Code is one of, perhaps the, premier book on how to avoid paying income taxes to the IRS.  Peter Eric Hendrickson is the book’s author.  His wife is Doreen Hendrickson.  He seems strong.  She does not.

I can imagine that, in court, Mr. Hendrickson would be a formidable opponent but Mrs. Hendrickson might be less focused, less confident, and more easily convicted of an offense.

According to Pete Hendrickson, tens of thousands of people have successfully used the strategy presented in his book to stop paying income taxes.  The IRS has not been pleased.  So far as I know, the IRS has never expressed its displeasure by charging Mr. Hendrickson with willful failure to file, tax evasion, etc.  However, the IRS has successfully prosecuted Mrs. Hendrickson for income tax evasion and caused her to be sentenced to 18 months in prison.

I don’t know what the IRS’s motivation was to prosecute Mrs. Hendrickson, but judging from the following video, her prosecution may have been, at least in part, retaliation against her husband for publishing Cracking the Code.

However, the following video is conspicuously silent concerning the details of the IRS’s grounds for charging and convicting Mrs. Hendrickson.  That silence suggests that Mrs. Hendrickson made a serious mistake that gave the IRS legitimate grounds to file charges and pursue conviction.

Instead of alleging some fault in the IRS’s grounds to prosecute Mrs. Hendrickson, the video focuses on a significant fault in the procedure used by the IRS and the trial court judge.  According to Solutions Institute,

“Doreen and Pete have been using this [Cracking The Code] method to avoid paying income tax since the release of Pete’s book, and it’s put them at odds with the IRS.  In the recent case, Doreen was given a new set of returns filled out by the federal government and ordered to sign them as being her own testimony. Because they were not her own words, she refused, and has now been sentenced to prison.”

Mrs. Hendrickson complains that she could not, in good conscience, sign an income tax return under penalties of perjury if she didn’t believe the words on the document to be true.  She therefore argues that her prosecution violates her right to free speech and the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.

According to the Solutions Institute,

“Whether or not this method of avoiding taxation is valid, the case highlights a fundamental issue of free speech in today’s America. While the First Amendment supposedly validates one’s right to say, or not say, what they want, this case draws that principle into question. Doreen was not charged with tax evasion or falsifying returns; she was only charged with contempt of court for refusing to sign a document swearing something she doesn’t believe to be true.”

If the Hendricksons’ allegations are true and the IRS and the judge are trying to force Mrs. Hendrickson to sign an income tax return that she didn’t personally author and prepare, then the IRS and the courts have sunk to a new low in fascism.  They are essentially trying to force the defendant to sign a confession of guilt and testify against herself.

But, it’s my understanding that forcing someone to testify under penalty of perjury to facts that the affiant does not believe to be true constitutes “subornation of perjury”–a felony under 18 USC 1622 that can earn the perpetrator fines and up to five years in the slammer.

If so, why haven’t the Hendricksons charged the IRS and/or the trial court judge with subornation of perjury?

More, while the video alleges that Mrs. Hendrickson has been jailed for “contempt of court” rather than some violation of income tax laws, I doubt that this case started under the pretext of “contempt of court”.  The IRS had to allege some other ground (violation of income tax laws) to drag Mrs. Hendrickson into court in the first place where she might be subsequently charged with “contempt of court”.

The video implies that the IRS had no legitimate cause to charge Mrs. Hendrickson in the first place–but it never expressly says so.

Something’s wrong here.

By accident or intent, the video fails to provide details as to why Mrs. Hendrickson was prosecuted in the first place–and why Mr. Hendrickson has not, so far, been prosecuted.  These details are important because the Hendricksons have allegedly relied on the Cracking the Code strategy to avoid paying income taxes for most of 13 years.

It’s possible that the IRS prosecution of Mrs. Hendrickson is purely retaliatory.  We need to see the details of the case to expose and confirm that retaliation.

Written by Alfred Adask
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4 thoughts on “Court Orders Defendant to Commit Perjury?”
  1. And make no mistake, every person who files one of these amended returns will also be harassed by the IRS. Audits, threats, the bigger the amount you are trying to recover, the bigger the bullying you will get. We were charged with filing a fraudulent return and levied a huge fine. They have all the power of the corrupt government behind them. At the time we were a young couple with kids, struggling to make it. There was no money to go find a lawyer to help us fight the IRS. You’ve heard “you can’t fight City Hall”, well, you really are facing a giant when you take on the IRS. It is criminal, but the government has been exempted from the law for quite some time in America. It is pretty darn scary. We were essentially terrorized by the IRS. Lots of threatening letters and calls, etc. Vengeance is mine saith the Lord. He is keeping track. It is unconscionable, but this couple’s story is unfortunately far from rare.

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