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Tonight’s show will have speacial guest
Barbara Ketay is going to be talking all about the 501(c)(3) church and how it is not good for churches.

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Ms. Ketay comes from a long line of the law. She is directly related to Supreme Court Chief Justice John Marshall, Presidents Grant, Buchanan and Lincoln, one Federal judge and one lawyer, right down to her father who served his Country on the Cincinnati Police Department for 32 years. She is a Christian, a Patriot, a legal analyst and a Constitutional scholar. She graduated from the University of Cincinnati, Blackstone School of Law, and attended Chase Law School. She is the retired President of the United States Bar Association. She is a partner of Knox & Ketay Associates, who consult on political and trial strategies. She is also an associate with the Biblical Law Center. She is a co-founder of the United States Patriots Union and The North American Law Center. She spent seven years reading the complete 101 volume set of American Jurisprudence. She has been mentored and worked with some of the great legal minds in the Country. She is an issue identification, discovery analysis and trial strategies expert. Her company “The Law Works…” taught people how to represent themselves in court, and assisted with document preparation long before anyone ever thought of legal zoom. She designed a national Court Watch program, with manual and an eight hour training course, and traveled around the Country teaching people how to observe, document, and report corruption and abuses in the courtroom. For seven and one-half years she has hosted a daily radio show called “Liberty & You”, heard in the Eastern United States and streaming live on the Internet. She has taught her listeners about the law, our founding documents, and, the real state of the Union, as opposed to what “mainline media, the shill of the government“, would have you believe. She is a published author having written “Church In Chains” and “Liberty & You”. She has written and circulated many timely articles regarding the corruption and fraud in the legal profession and the government, including authoring the renowned “The 501(c)(3) Incorporated Church – Down and Dirty.” The original intent of the law is her passion. Those who would distort, corrupt and abuse the law become her nemeses. If you would like more information, contact Barbara at

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