Three MS-13 street-gang members from El Salvador are being held without bail on charges they forced a 16-year-old New York girl into the woods near a golf course, and two of them raped her while the third kept watch.
“This is one of the most brutal, heinous crimes that I have seen in a long, long time,” Suffolk County District Attorney Thomas Spota said at a news conference, according to New York’s WNBC-TV. “This poor young woman is so lucky that, quite frankly, that she is alive. These are vicious young men, vicious young men, and what they did to her was absolutely terrible.”

Spota, who said the attack was “barbaric,” identified the suspects as 17-year-old Jose Cornejo, 18-year-old Bryan Larios and 17-year-old Joel Escobar. All three of the MS-13 gang members, who are from El Salvador, were arrested May 29 just hours after the attack. They are being charged as adults.

Brentwood Country Club in Brentwood, N.Y., where the attack allegedly occurred

MS-13, also known as Mara Salvatrucha, is a highly organized and well-funded Central American gang. In 2006, WND reported MS-13 had been infiltrating at least 33 states across the U.S. The gang is well-known in Los Angeles, Houston, New York and Washington, D.C., for excessive brutality. Any person suspected of cooperating with authorities is hunted down, tortured and killed. Initiation rites include kickings, beatings and gang rapes.

MS-13 relies on metropolitan areas with highly concentrated populations of illegal aliens to boost its spreading membership. Chapters require that initiates perform random acts of violence, such as participating in gang rapes, to gain acceptance.

WND also reported in April that the Obama administration had begun implementing a program to fly to the United States at taxpayer expense unaccompanied minors from the Central American countries of Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras if the “children” under 21 have a parent legally residing in the U.S. While there is no confirmation these individuals were brought to the U.S. as a part of that program, they would have qualified as “unaccompanied alien children” if they had parents in the states. New York was identified as one of five states with the most “Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals” through March 22, 2013.

Just last year, many high-profile personalities and church groups urged Americans to have compassion for unaccompanied illegal-immigrant “children” coming to the U.S. from Central America. During the surge, many MS-13 gang members were spotted in the crowds of minors coming across the border. The mainstream media circulated photos of “children” in detention centers such as the following:


“Millions in aid arrived at the border in the form of teddy bears, soccer balls, food, and other supplies,” wrote American Thinker’s M. Catherine Evans. “The influx was billed as a ‘humanitarian crisis.’ Those who opposed the funding of this lawlessness were predictably called ‘racist.’”

Written by Chelsea Schilling
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