Exclusive: Chuck Norris explores link between terrorist plot, U.S. military exercises.

I’ve echoed in a recent column that I don’t think Jade Helm 15, the largest domestic military exercises involving every branch of service in seven states this summer, is a security risk to Texas. Even the Pentagon isn’t that stupid to mess with the Lone Star State. However, I have also said that I believe Jade Helm 15 is more than “just a training exercise,” and I think ISIS just gave us the clue.

The exact words in my past column about Jade Helm 15 were: “I do believe, in addition to the largest domestic military training, it is also a display of power (near the southern border) intended for deterrence of enemies like ISIS and other terrorists, whom the FBI has already said have tentacles in all 50 states.”

And guess who just released its intent to smuggle nuclear weapons across the U.S.-Mexico border? You guessed it. Granted, ISIS is a band of liars following the father of lies, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a nugget of truth in its propaganda, especially when experts agree. ISIS even has a nuclear plan.

The International Business Times reported: “The Islamic State group claims it could purchase a nuclear device from Pakistan and transport it to the United States through drug-smuggling channels. The group, also known as ISIS and ISIL, would transfer the nuclear weapon from Pakistan to Nigeria or Mexico, where it could be brought to South America and then up to the U.S., according to an op-ed allegedly written by kidnapped British photojournalist John Cantlie and published in Dabiq, the group’s propaganda magazine.”

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The Nigerian newspaper Premium Times further reported that Boko Haram, the Nigerian jihadist group that pledged its formal allegiance to ISIS in March, could carry out the nuclear bomb import into the U.S. as easy as smugglers use drug routes.

The ISIS op-ed piece explains the feasibility: “Let me throw a hypothetical operation onto the table. The Islamic State has billions of dollars in the bank, so they call on their wilāyah in Pakistan to purchase a nuclear device through weapons dealers with links to corrupt officials in the region.”

It went to explain, “The weapon is then transported overland until it makes it to Libya, where the mujāhidīn move it south to Nigeria. Drug shipments from Columbia bound for Europe pass through West Africa, so moving other types of contraband from East to West is just as possible.”

Then, “The nuke and accompanying mujāhidīn arrive on the shorelines of South America and are transported through the porous borders of Central America before arriving in Mexico and up to the border with the United States.”

Finally, “From there it’s just a quick hop through a smuggling tunnel and hey presto, they’re mingling with another 12 million ‘illegal’ aliens in America with a nuclear bomb in the trunk of their car.”

Say it’s preposterous? ISIS will never get the capability? Experts disagree.

Bloomberg reported that Indian Minister of State Defense Rao Inderjit Singh warned the crowd at the Shangri-La regional security conference in Singapore two weeks ago that “[w]ith the rise of ISIL in West Asia, one is afraid to an extent that perhaps they might get access to a nuclear arsenal from states like Pakistan.”

In September 2014, Joe Cirincione, president of Ploughshares Fund, a global security foundation, and author of “Nuclear Nightmares: Securing the World Before It Is Too Late,” wrote in the New York Daily News: “Its seizure of banks and oil fields gave it more than $2 billion in assets. If ISIS could make the right connection to corrupt officials in Russia or Pakistan, the group might be able to buy enough highly enriched uranium (about 50 pounds) and the technical help to build a crude nuclear device. Militants recruited from Europe or America could help smuggle it into their home nations.”

Written by Chuck Norris
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  1. ISIS Thanks Washington – Gets 2,300 Humvees, 74,000 Machine Guns, 52 Howitzers, 40 Abrams Tanks, Etc.

    If you have been paying attention, you will note that CIA-ISIS likes to put on parades after it captures a town… parading with all the United States military equipment it has captured. Here is some pictures. Now, you just have to ask… why wasn’t there a the very least, a strafing run by… at the very least, by a A-10 Warthog or two by the Iraqis and/or the coalitions forces? Look at those pictures again. They are sitting ducks. They are ripe. They are begging for it. Go ahead, explain it away.

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