When you hear the words “missional living,” what comes to mind? As I speak and train on missional living, I find many people either have a wrong understanding of the mission or wrongly believe they can’t do it. However, as I define what it is, often their perception changes.

I define missional living as being continually-sent disciple-makers who live everyday life with gospel intentionality so we might both show and tell others what worship of Jesus looks like in the everyday stuff of life. It’s not a new program or event. Life is the program, and the everyday is the event. When we see disciple-making as primarily done in classrooms or events, we end up leading others to see following Jesus as a study or a program instead of an all-of-life kind of thing.

The Scriptures are clear. We are called to see people grow up in every way into Christ who is our head (Ephesians [4:15]). In every way means in every thing. God intends to bring about the knowledge of his glory known everywhere (Habakkuk [2:14]). And the hope of that taking place is Christ at work in us and through us in everything we do (Colossians [1:27]). We need to learn to see eating and drinking, working and playing — everything we do — as the means through which we can both glorify God and show others what it looks like to worship him in all of life (1 Corinthians [10:31]Colossians [3:17]).

Here’s the reality: All of us are always making disciples. The questions are:Who or what are we making disciples of? And what would people believe about following Jesus if they were to follow our example in everyday life?

The Normal Everyday

As I consider these questions and mission in everyday life, I am reminded of Kirby, a mother of four who moved to Tacoma with her husband, Charlie, to learn about missional living with our Soma family. They joined our missional community whose missional focus is Grant Elementary and the neighborhood surrounding it. They homeschool their children and Charlie worked mostly from home, so they were having a hard time engaging in mission with people who have yet to meet and follow Jesus. Since Kirby loves to play soccer and wanted to exercise anyway, she joined an indoor soccer team with my wife, Jayne, and a few other moms from our school. Kirby also enrolled her children in some of the arts classes Grant Elementary provided, and she served alongside of her children as a teacher assistant.

She took normal, everyday activities, such as sports and education, and engaged them intentionally.

Written by Jeff Vanderstelt- Desiring God
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