(NaturalNews) In the spring of 2014, a Bourbon County, Kansas farmer sought hospital treatment. Eleven days later, he died. His symptoms included fever, fatigue, nausea, vomiting, anorexia, and a rash. Blood work showed thrombocytopenia (reduced platelet count, which inhibits clotting making the patient more susceptible to bleeding) and leukopenia (reduced white blood cell count, inhibiting immune response to the pathogen). The patient said he had been bitten by ticks.

The CDC determined the man suffered from a never before encountered RNA virus of the genus Thogotovirus, viruses that are found around the world. There is no cure for Bourbon virus. There has not yet been another identified case of this virus. Scientists do not know if this virus affects other animals.

Naturally, there is concern about whether there is a new virus spreading from tick to tick and across the animal kingdom that we have little to no treatment for, but we can remain vigilant and take care of ourselves and our pets to lessen the likelihood of exposure.

How to Avoid Tick Bites

The first step to avoid tick bites is vibrant health. Parasitic creatures are more drawn to unhealthy humans (and pets) than truly healthy ones. Part of the attraction is our smell, which is affected by our health, the products we put on our skin, and the foods we eat. Onions and garlic repel pests – both mosquitoes and ticks. And both are very good for you.

Tick Repellent Spray

There are a number of essential oils that repel ticks and mosquitoes as well. Nan Martin of Experience Essential Oils recommends this recipe for dogs and humans:

Tick Spritz Recipe1 cup of Distilled water2 Drops Geranium Essential Oil2 Drops Palo Santo Essential Oil1 Drop Myrrh Essential Oil4 Drops Grapefruit Essential Oil1 Drop Peppermint Essential Oil1 Drop of Thieves Hand Soap or Castile Soap (emollient)Place in a spray bottle and shake. Spritz when needed.

(No cats! Don’t use essential oils on cats!)

Wear long sleeves and long pants in the woods to avoid tick bites. Always check for ticks when you have been in the woods or in bushy areas. If you find an embedded tick, cover it with an undiluted essential oil. This will probably cause the tick to back out.

Anti-Virus Protocol

If you have been bitten by a tick, this is the time to follow the healthiest and cleanest diet. Remember that sugar feeds viruses and bacteria. There are several natural means to boost your immune system. Check out How Viruses Work and How to Prevent Them Naturally and Make Your Immune System Bulletproof With These Natural Remedies.





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Kali Sinclair is a copywriter for Green Lifestyle Market, and a lead editor for Organic Lifestyle Magazine. Kali was very sick with autoimmune disease and realized that conventional medicine was not working for her. She has been restoring her health by natural means and is interested in topics including natural health, environmental issues, and human rights.

Written by Kali Sinclair
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