Bulletin claims militia may launch terrorist attacks on Patriots’ Day

A military bulletin called patriot groups and the militia “domestic extremists” who may launch terrorist attacks, a claim which follows a trend by the government to demonize libertarians and constitutionalists.

The bulletin, an e-mail from a U.S. Coast Guard command security officer which was leaked to Infowars, lumped militia members and patriots with “white supremacists” and claimed they may launch terror attacks on April 19th because it is a “significant date to domestic extremists.”

“Members of the patriot and militia movements, sovereign citizens and white supremacists recall April 19th as the date that the battles of Lexington and Concord started the American Revolution,” the bulletin read. “Citing (incorrectly) Title 10 USC references to the ‘unorganized militias’ and the constitutional right to bear arms, these groups believe that they are legally obligated to oppose the government should it become tyrannical.”



The person who shared the bulletin with Infowars described it as unprecedented.

The bulletin only adds to the growing concern over the military training to take on American citizens while the government continues to demonize libertarians and constitutionalists as “racists” and “extremists.”

Over the past weekend, for example, the National Guard performed “civil unrest” drills in Richmond, Calif., which featured role players screaming right-wing rhetoric.

“Why in the course of a drill for a dirty bomb, would an actor claim to be a sovereign citizen?” Keith Johnson asked, who filmed the footage. “The San Francisco Bay Area is not known for its sovereign citizen militia population and hearing this shouted during a mock terrorist scenario was disturbing.”

Similarly, Operation Jade Helm, an upcoming military drill in the American Southwest, sparked controversy after Texas and Utah were labeled “hostile” territoryin leaked documents related to the exercise.

The operation will even feature soldiers operating undetected in various U.S. cities, large and small, to see if they can infiltrate the local population without being noticed.

“They’re going to set up cells of people and test how well they’re able to move around without getting too noticed in the community,” Roy Boyd, chief deputy with the Victoria County Sheriff’s Office, said. “They’re testing their abilities to basically blend in with the local environment and not stand out and blow their cover.”

Notably, the Department of Homeland Security, which has long considered libertarians and constitutionalists “domestic extremists,” recently purchased 62 million rounds of AR-15 ammunition, adding to federal ammo stockpile of 2.1 billion rounds, enough to wage a 32-year-long war with the same intensity as U.S. military operations in Iraq.

Written by Kit Daniels

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