If Arnold Schwarzenegger could travel back in time, as he did in the Terminator movies, and stop himself from vetoing gay marriage in 2005 and 2007, then perhaps he could have been a gay rights hero instead of a political non-entity. However, the Silicon Valley techies haven’t yet invented a time machine. So Schwarzenegger must content himself with anop-ed in the pages of the Washington Post, lecturing fellow Republicans about the evils of Indiana’s religious freedom law.

His message, he says, is “for Republicans who are fighting for laws that fly in the face of equality and freedom.” Religious freedom doesn’t figure, somehow, in that equation. Schwarzenegger says that Republicans should stop worrying about that and focus instead on “on real solutions to problems Americans are facing.”

Problems like the staggering public debt he left behind? Problems like cap-and-trade regulations that are driving businesses and homeowners to other states? Not those.

Infrastructure, he says. Education. Air quality.

Not “distracting, divisive laws like the one Indiana initially passed.”

Written by JOEL B. POLLAK
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